Amid technological and health science advancement, the foam roller has found its way into the spotlight. This simple roll of foam has penetrated the health and fitness market for good reasons!

The Foam Roller

People have found foam rollers convenient as it is light and easy to clean. What makes it the perfect day-to-day stretching tool is the very property of foam that makes it lightly compressible, yet still strong enough to retain its form. This allows it to contour to most physiques comfortably, and be still firm enough to give the fascia a good stretch when pressure is applied on the right spots.

The fascia is a tissue that connects one’s muscles, ligaments and bone, giving a general, overall support to the body. Typically, the fascia is elastic and when it is well conditioned, it facilitates by stretching as one moves and performs actions.

Rationale and Uses for the Foam Roller

Typically used for stretching, foam rollers can be utilised before strenuous exercises or activities as a mean to warm up, which aids in the prevention of injuries. It also allow users to get their bodies ready, maximise their range of motion, and even increase the said range of motion. Without which, one might find it more effortful to get into a position or even risk getting injured when going into a physically demanding action too quickly.

As for post-workout, it helps with the relaxation of muscles, which aids in the prevention of severe muscle aches during recovery. In regards to recovery time, the foam roller also helps to accelerate muscle fatigue recovery. This allows the user to quickly get back into training, and is especially beneficial to those who find themselves needing to get back into a regime within the shortest amount of time possible.

Other than workout-related benefits as discussed, the versatility of the foam roller extends to that of recovery for injuries. It helps to break down adhesions and reduce internal scarring tissues with the increased blood flow – which in turn, speeds up recovery and improves performance.

Reach out to your physio if you would like to learn how the foam roller can aid in your performance and/or recovery. An individualised assessment with professional recommendations will help you fully utilise the foam roller to your advantage!

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