• Moritz Wolf
    I like going to PhysioActive, because the therapists are always very confident that they can help their patients. Even though Diana is sometimes very tough on me with the exercises, I feel better after the treatment. Also, the staff members at the reception are very friendly and always creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. They are always helpful with making new appointments and trying to accommodate our preferred time slots.
Michelle Cheng
Had an accident a few months ago and hurt my knee. Was fortunate to be referred to Ming for my rehabilitation. Ming is a skillful and knowledgeable therapist who clearly has a passion for her work. She took the time to explain everything clearly to me, and put in extra effort to give me a detailed home exercise program. Where previously I was walking with pain, I am now able to go down the stairs and squat with no issues at all. Ming was quick to identify my issues and provided a clear rehabilitation plan. I would definitely recommend Ming to anyone experiencing aches and pains!
Abigail Lee
Sought treatment at the Novena outlet due to a sprained ankle & shoulder. Ming was very attentive and asked thorough questions to understand how/where/when my injuries occurred. As it’s my first time visit to a physio, she was very professional and educated me a lot about my posture + do’s/dont’s! I also love how the exercises are in an app with video tutorial so I can easily refer to at home. Overall, highly recommend Ming if you are seeking any physio help! 🙂
Wu Su Yuan
Would highly recommend PhysioActive! Just completed my physio sessions with Diana Mecklenburg @ Novena and she’s fantastic! She essentially helped solve my issues with imbalances and shoulder pain which has been chronic for many years. She doesn’t hold back on addressing the root of my issues. Because of that, it allowed me to very quickly learn how to load different muscle groups properly, making me a better athlete as a whole. Thank you!
Gilles Leclerc
Great rehab process after my ACL surgery- patient, just the right amount of exercises, and always available either physically or via mail to give advices or answer questions that i may have, even after my full recovery. Thank you Liam!
Ms Lam
Thank you for resolving my dad's aches. He was very happy this morning that he is able to lift up his arm. The exercises you gave him are simple and effective. You should have seen the big smile on his face.
I'd like to thank Diana and Gail so much for their help the last week. After the 4th treatment yesterday, the milk started to flow much better and my breast became soft - almost back to normal and the milk comes out if I pump. I did go to a breast surgeon just to check as there is a tiny soft lump still. He checked and there is no abscess or blocked milk ducts. He’s not sure but he thinks it may be some residual inflamed tissue that should go away. In any case, there is nothing to worry about. I’m so grateful for their help and also so disappointed that doctors and midwives do not know that ultrasound helps so much!
Pang Yock Hor
The therapy sessions that I am getting for my fingers' numbness, stiff neck and frozen shoulder are really wonderful. I feel so much better, balanced and relaxed on my neck and shoulders. The key here is continuous stretching and loosening of the muscles' tightness everyday and whenever I have time. The therapy journey with you is definitely worthwhile.
Michael Naert
I was really satisfied with the treatment I received. My therapist truly understood the issue, and my particular situation being in the middle of my racing season. The treatment and exercises provided were well adjusted to my racing schedule and the feedback on the impact of them on my performance and training schedule. There was a focus on both strengthening the knee long term and treating the current muscle tightness/knee inflammation. All in all this helped to get my knee balanced again and I can cycle pain free again.
Steffen Büchs
I reached out to PhysioActive after suffering from a slipped disc in the lower back. Due to time constraints from my side, I had the opportunity to get help from 4 different physiotherapists at PhysioActive. All had a high level of knowledge and really took the time to investigate and prepare the treatment according to my needs. They taught me how to train the right muscles of my body and even more important to sharpen body awareness and how to avoid wrong movements. After 3 months of treatment, I was free of pain and after 5 months of treatment I am glad to say, I am almost back to normal. All without surgery or injections. Special thanks to Liam, Anthony, Denis and Diana.
Sriram R
PhysioActive was recommended to me by my doctor when I came in with a bad lower back injury. My first session was with Denis Mecklenburg. He did a precise analysis of the problem by asking questions and observing my movements, range of motion, and pain points. He then treated me and gave me a set of exercises to do for a week. I could see improvements every day as the pain reduced and my range of motion started increasing. Subsequent sessions were with Anthony Corr. Anthony too was very precise and professional in analysing my current condition and improvements over the past week, identifying the exact location of the main problem to the inflammation of specific vertebrae in the lower back and treating it with massage and ultrasound. He built on the improvement by introducing new movements and increasing the intensity of the exercises for home. During our sessions, both Denis and Anthony took the time and effort to determine the exact nature of the problem, to explain it to me using a model of the skeletal system, and to walk me through the treatment step by step with explanations that helped me understand it clearly. My strength gradually improved over the course of a month, and the pain was gone. However, I took this as a wake-up call to prioritise my health and to not take it for granted. During this healing, I started on a disciplined exercise regimen with daily workouts. I am healthier and stronger than I was a few months ago, I lost 4 kgs and an inch off my waist, my posture has improved, I look and feel better and am free from back pain.
Many thanks for a wonderful first time experience at PhysioActive. I must say you have motivated me enough to step out of my comfort zone and push myself a bit more. Taking your advise closely and will do the exercises religiously. I am looking forward to meet my target every Physio visit.
David Low
It is coming to 3 months from my ACL Operation Date which was done on 2 Aug 2018 by Dr Kannan. I am very happy with the progress of my recovery. I remembered the day after the operation, when I couldn’t even bend my knee and needed clutches when I was discharged from the Hospital. Having undergone the pre-ops sessions, before my operation with Mr Anthony, my Physiotherapist, has allowed me to be familiar with the exercises required after my post ops. Mr Anthony is patient, caring and very organised in putting me through the stages of the post ops exercise regime. He helps to build up my confidence in attempting the various exercises. He is also sensitive to any discomfort or pain during the exercises and but at the same time, nudge me to attempt more difficult movements as I progress. I could vividly remember the moment I could cycle on the stationary bike and run on the treadmill. I remember telling myself, “Finally you could run again” Without going these sessions, I do not believe I would have been able to recover at such wonderful pace and most importantly get on with my daily routines. I applaud PhysioActive for the professionalism in helping their patients get stronger day by day in a very systematic approach. I would strongly recommend their service to my friends.
Ng Teck Fang
I first discovered PhysioActive via their website for treatment of my Diastasis Recti and decided to give it a try after reading convincing testimonies from their clients. After the first session with my physiotherapist, Diana, I was assured that she will be able to help me throughout this treatment journey. Diana is friendly, knowledgeable and able to articulate well for my understanding of my problem and how each exercise will help to treat it. I am halfway through my treatment and I’m already seeing results. I am now more determined to continue the treatment. Thank you, Diana and team in Jurong Branch
Christina Nardo

Padraig Corbett assisted me in getting my frozen shoulder unfrozen with pain relief in the initial stages, exercises that were specific to me and advice on when not to push to hard.  His manner and enthusiasm to see me, get my shoulder moving again was much appreciated.

Thanks Padraig.

Peter Zien
Despite the fact I play a unique sport, water polo, Padraig Corbett was quick to discover the cause of my injury. The personal attention and adaptations made for my treatment, increased my understanding of my need for therapy and trust in Padraig. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to listen to their body and seek better understanding in the healing process. Now I’m back in the pool competing and I will continue to strengthen my body with the extra exercises for lasting success. Thanks Padraig and the team at PhysioActive!
Sophie March
I was referred to PhysioActive by my doctor after I damaged a ligament in my ankle. After five weeks of physio with Padraig, I would highly recommend their services. Padraig did a great job at explaining everything he was doing to help my ankle and he laid out a clear plan for recuperation. The exercises were clearly demonstrated and varied each week and I was really pleased with the quick recovery I had from the injury. Padraig and all the team were very professional, friendly and experienced.
Amanda Bluett
I have recently undergone a series of shockwave treatment with Andrew Storan. I found this treatment extremely beneficial and after a period of rehabilitation expertly managed by Andrew, I have been able to resume my usual active lifestyle. I am very grateful and without this I would be living a life in severe pain.
Amy Leung
I first moved to Physioactive pre-acl surgery because I felt I was not making progress with my previous physiotherapist. My goal was to go back to competitive badminton. Since the move, I’ve never looked back! With the grueling length of rehab following acl surgery, sometimes the only positive thing was knowing I would come out of every session making progress and feeling stronger. Knowing the safe boundaries and being able to push limits is not an easy task and I am so grateful to Andrew at Physioactive for doing this while making every exercise enjoyable!
Ian Newman
I had a frozen shoulder which had been recovering quite slowly, until I saw Caro. After literally 2 -3 sessions with her, my shoulder had a recovered about 95% of its movement. I subsequently fully recovered from my injury well ahead of schedule. I think Caro did an excellent job and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
David Mclee
I had a SLAP key hole surgery and went through a couple of months of physio sessions with Caro. However, after laying off for 1 month, I developed FROZEN SHOULDER and it is this subsequent recurrence that I found Caro most creative and patient in her treatment . Instead of just STRENGTHENING, she also introduce certain YOGA moves that I really found less intense but at the same time, helps my mobility and recovery. Being not afraid to test out alternative techniques besides weights and elastic band has made the difference.
Patricia Campedelli
I came to PhysioActive with a herniated disc and I really appreciate how professional and caring, the team is. Special thanks to Sabrina, that always has a welcoming smile and to Padraig that has worked with me for three months, being always patient with my struggles and very competent and professional. Thanks to him, my quality of life was improved. I do recommend PhysioActive to all my friends and I will deeply miss you guys!
Isabel Kelly
Gail Craig provided treatment for me for a period of about a year for severe diastasis recti (DRAM) which I developed after delivery of my third baby.  I had been in considerable discomfort for months and had been very disheartened after a previous consultation, with another practitioner, who had given me little hope of any improvement without surgery.  My first appointment with Gail was so constructive and positive I felt much more confident that I could achieve results through physiotherapy.  After assessing my condition Gail set me a programme of exercises with realistic targets, guided me through each exercise to ensure I was doing it correctly, and taught me how I could prevent any further deterioration in my condition.  She was highly professional and skilled in treatment and teaching, while remaining very approachable, kind and empathetic to all my concerns.  At each subsequent appointment Gail would assess my progress and talk me through the new exercises I needed to do to continue the programme.  She was realistic and truthful in the results she promised and everything was entirely achievable.  I have now reduced my DRAM to a negligible size, I have restored complete function and tone in my core, and the dull ache I suffered for so many months has disappeared.  I have been able to resume all the activities I love without worrying about injuring myself.  I have recommended Gail to so many of my friends who have suffered similar issues and I just wish I had found her sooner!  Thanks Gail!
Nicole Khaw
Having torn my ACL during training for my sport, I saw Liam at PhysioActive before and after my surgery. He guided me through all the different exercises to help with strengthening pre-surgery and continued to do so post-surgery in order to get me as close to initial mobility as possible. The instructions were always thorough and clear, even with slowly easing me back into the sport with specific restrictions. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation with Liam allowed me to gain confidence in my knee's abilities beyond what I had convinced myself of them to be. I would not have gotten this far this quick without his help and guidance. Thank you so much! 🙂
Paul Donatien Yau Yee Keong
I completed my physio program today under the care of Mr Goh Chun Kiat, and wish to provide a testimonial of my experience with him. A little less than 3 months ago I had undergone a surgical procedure to correct my left “frozen shoulder” condition. My orthopaedic surgeon recommended PhysioActive for his trust in your professional services; especially the part on “as tolerated”! The results: From being unable to lift my own left arm comfortably with significant mobility restrictions post op, to today being able to move unrestrictedly and carrying weights to the limit of my good right shoulder...and feeling & looking great overall! The journey: Chun Kiat provided a most professional service, encouraging and taking incremental yet progressive steps to my recovery. He had also taken the time to answer my numerous questions of “why” and “how” regarding my recovery plan. 2 months post op, we had even taken to developing a long term integrated fitness program which has today resulted in a the most optimal body strength condition since the last 2 decades! The future: Chun Kiat has guided me to self learning and provided me encouragement and a good roadmap to achieving my fitness goals for the rest of my life. I have now re-orientated and re-prioritized my work-family lifestyle balance to health-fitness-family-work. I am most grateful to Chun Kiat for my rehabilitation and helping me discover my new and lasting lease of life to be lived and enjoyed abundantly in optimal health and fitness. Thank you to Chun Kiat...he is certainly a valuable asset to your company!
Selina Shen
I accidentally strained my hamstring just a few days before heading for hiking, thanks to Mira, she helped me to get my hamstring back on track by massage. Now I’ve done the hiking and my hamstring didn’t bother me at all. Thank you Mira for your time and effort! Will definitely recommend you to my friends!
Luke Tucker
I've now returned to Singapore after the marathon in Japan and wanted to let you know that I couldn't have been happier with my run! I blitzed my target time by over 20 mins (sub 4 hours and then some) and my knee held up fine the entire run, even with the very chilly 7 degrees temperature. I want to say a massive thank you for all of your help in the lead up! It obviously made all the difference and I'm glad I was able to get the that start (and finish) line this time.
HuiMin Thong
Would highly recommend PhysioActive! Their professionalism and service standards are truly commendable. I completed my physio sessions with Anthony and he had helped tremendously in my shoulder recovery and strengthening process. His diagnosis and explanations have been accurate and clear. I appreciate that he takes time to understand the situation and to advise accordingly. Delighted to go back to sports again, with a greater awareness of muscle movement. Thank you PhysioActive!
Jamie R Meldrum
I lost a significant amount of weight and got into Triathlon and of course had all the usual issues in addition to frozen shoulders and a fairly serious issue with my right knee. Olivia put things right with a highly effective regime of therapy, rehab, and prehab, and I haven't looked back since! Highly recommended!
Doris Martin
I have been having water retention in both of my legs due to a hormonal imbalance. I have already seen a vast improvement after a few treatments by Mira with Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Mira carefully applies gentle strokes and soft pumping motions on my legs to stimulate the lymphs in order to drain the water from the body through the lymph nodes. She is very thorough and careful with her treatments and explains what she is doing beforehand. I can definitely recommend Mira, she is very professional and competent with a very friendly disposition.
Katharine Enock
I had over 3 months of massage treatment with Mira following a ski accident and long-term pain in my upper back and neck. She worked closely with my physio and was extremely helpful in explaining my injury and what I could do to improve. I am now pain free and cannot thank her enough for all her help. It really is life-changing and I would recommend her to anyone needing sports massage for an injury.
Rikke Bach Sørensen
We are leaving Singapore this summer and will miss Gail Craig and the friendly, smiling receptionists Sabrina, Siti and Sri at PhysioActive Camden. Since my sixteen year old daughter had a back injury 2 years ago we have been seeing Gail on a weekly basis. Gail has been a fantastic support during the whole process. From my daughters initial conservative treatment through her back surgery and finally her ongoing rehabilitation. Throughout the process Gail has had a holistic approach to my daughters injury. Meaning that besides the normal physiotherapy Gail has helped my daughter understand her injury and come to terms with the fact that she probably won’t be able to do elite sports again and to overcome her fear of pain and new injuries. Gail has been focused on helping my daughter get her life back, not only fixing her back. And for that I’m forever grateful.
Oliver Mould
Just a quick note to say that I saw Chun Kiat at Katong a few times last week. I thought he was excellent, knowledgeable, professional and with none of the over the top fluffy type stuff that you sometimes get. He did an amazing job and I’m almost fully recovered one week on. I don’t think I’ll need to come back for this issue, but if I do, or in the future, I’ll certainly ask for him again.
Christian Zott
After having surgery to repair torn tendons in my elbow several weeks ago, I had various physical therapy treatments at home in Germany and was frustrated because nothing seemed to really work. While on a business trip recently to Singapore, I had treatment sessions with Mira in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Not only is she very welcoming and friendly, she also really knows what she is doing! Only two appointments with Mira got me way further on my road to recovery than all the appointments put together back home.
Not long after I became pregnant with my son, I started having problems with my pelvis and hips. Fast forward a couple of years and five physios in three countries who couldn't make it feel better, I started to accept it would always hurt. After moving to Singapore, I decided to try one more time to find someone who could help. I am constantly grateful my Googling led me to Tamara. She is an exceptional physiotherapist who not only resolved my pain but helped me establish the right network of people to support me, make lasting change and prevent the pain reoccurring. She is caring, compassionate and authentically committed to supporting patients. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a great cheerleader in your wellness team. I have seen dozens of physios in my life and hands down, she is absolutely the best. I would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone.
Z. Khan
During a hiking trip, I ruptured my ACL and tore the cartilage in two places in my left knee. I was happy when my doctor recommended a conservative approach which meant physiotherapy instead of surgery. However, after six months of treatment at another clinic and hours at the gym, my knee remained frozen in bent position. I could not climb stairs and even walking was difficult and painful. I decided to see a surgeon as progress seemed to have come to a standstill. The surgeon recommended trying one of the clinics he uses, and so I started my treatment at PhysioActive with Li Feng - and I am so glad that I did! Li Feng takes a very innovative approach to physiotherapy – he optimises a range of tools drawn from Western and Chinese modalities. He tailors his approach to treat the individual not just the injury. He is very kind and intuitive and constantly gauges the patient’s capabilities and adjusts the treatment to suit. Even when I can’t accurately describe where the pain is or how severe, he manages to find the right way to ameliorate it. Using a range of tools including stretches, exercise, dry needling, ultrasound and taping to gradually release the knee capsule whilst strengthening the complementary muscles, he succeeded in straightening the knee. He also used a range of techniques to retrain my brain to walk normally after six months of limping, restore proprioception and importantly, regain trust in the stability of the ACL deficient knee. I am so glad that I followed the surgeon’s advice and switched to Li Feng. If it weren’t for him, my options would have been painful knee surgery followed by another year of therapy or remain limping and in pain. He has worked miracles in the rehabilitation of my knee. I truly appreciate the effort he invests into every session, his patience and encouragement during the rehab process and his knowledge of physiology and the latest techniques to ensure an effective recovery. So, thanks to Li Feng, I am now looking forward to my next hiking adventure! Also thanks to the lovely ladies at the front desk, Sri and Beate who make every visit a pleasure!
Aileen Aschwanden
I've come to Brigitte for therapy twice now. First was when I sprained my neck during a trampoline accident. She helped me tremendously using dry needling therapy. Currently, I'm seeing Brigitte again after a foot surgery. Within a month, I saw substantial improvement and am driving again. She's a tough therapist but efficient. Because she's such a good therapist, she's fully booked most of the time. I don't think that I would be able to get this far after my surgery if not for Brigitte and her tough love and prescribed exercises. I would also like to add that I like coming to PhysioActive as a whole because everyone is so nice. From the receptionists to the therapists, I've always felt welcome no matter how much in pain I am. Thank you.
Alexa Strobel
Due to my TMJ I was suffering from increasingly strong right-sided jaw pain for the past 6 months. Thanks to Brigitte's dry needling and physical therapy, the pain has diminished significantly, making life much more enjoyable. Another problem I obtained due to halfmarathon training is patello-femoral pain syndrome, which is improving continuously due to dry needling and strengthening exercises. Brigitte has deep expertise and I can ask her any questions to understand different aspects of the therapy and its effects. Due to her observations and suggestions about my posture and sitting habits, my hip alignment and flat feet have improved as well and I am confident they will continue to do so.
Linus Strobel
I was suffering from shoulder pain and tightness, as well as reduced shoulder mobility for several months. Despite seeing several physiotherapists, the issue persisted. Brigitte's treatment of dry needling, sports massage and mobilisation has completely eradicated the symptoms within weeks. Additionally, she taught me corrective exercises regarding form in the gym to avoid future injury. Brigitte thoroughly treated my injury and provided advice and support beyond it. Her positivity and enthusiasm towards her craft makes the tedious task of overcoming an injury less daunting.
Barbara Tenius
I was involved with my bike in a car accident in 2016. After a month with no improvement on my knee, I was sent to PhysioActive. My therapist – Liam McGinley, was very honest about my condition and suggested that surgery might be required. I was referred to a doctor where I was diagnosed with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear, medial meniscus tear with patella and articular cartilage injury. One month later, I was operated on my right knee. Since I was not allowed to put any weight on the operated leg for a further month, my therapist came 3 times a week to my house to treat me with lymphatic drainage and physiotherapy. I was also taught how to walk on crutches and eventually, walk unsupported independently. Regaining my movement, I now visit PhysioActive at their Camden clinic twice weekly for postsurgical rehabilitation. Without the professional knowledge of my therapist, I would not be where I am now. The constant mental support also helps me to get better and better. Thank you PhysioActive!
Tan Song Yi (Student)
I came to PhysioActive because of slipped disc, which gave me severe back pain for several months. Leah explained my condition to me clearly, and gave me a clear overview of how we were going to deal with the back pain, and how I could help myself reduce the pain. Leah is very understanding and my back pain has reduced greatly ever since I started my Physiotherapy with Leah. Thank you so much for your help Leah!
Isabel (Student)
I went to PhysioActive because I had many problems with my muscles. Before I came to Singapore, I had a surgery and since then I am struggling with my leg. Once it is the hip, once the knee and then the ankle, so there is always something! Many times, Jack helped me with my many problems and at the end I was always very happy with the result and motivated to do sports. I can highly recommend PhysioActive because they always solved my problems and I don't have pain any longer.
Lucas Aschwanden (Student)
My name is Lucas Aschwanden, and I'm 11 years old. I went to Jack when I injured my wrist while playing a tennis match. I play competitive tennis. He was very thorough and asked me a lot of questions. I felt very comfortable with him. He is also very nice. I like that he explained everything, so that I can understand why I have to do certain exercises or how certain actions can help my wrist get better. He helped me get better fast and in 2 weeks I could play tennis tournaments again.
Francisco Rodriguez (Chef )
I have found PhysioActive to be a very professional and caring team. I came with a recalcitrant plantar fasciitis. After many years of unsuccessful treatments, I have improved greatly in a few weeks thanks to the shockwave treatment. I would definitely recommend visiting Jack and his colleagues. Thank you very much!
Gail has been a key part of my ability to avoid surgery and continue my normal routine living with chronic back issues. During difficult times, she remains positive, supportive while offering practical advice and relief. I always feel like Gail takes into account my specific physical needs at each session to tailor my treatment. Gail goes above and beyond in her client care sending additional information after the session.
Leena Palekar (Teacher)
For the past 15 years, I suffered intense low back pain. Being averse to fancy pain killers, I always resorted to simple home remedies such as applying and massaging my back with different types of oils and ointments. While that provided some temporary relief, the pain did not vanish. Rather, it got more intense turning much needed restful nights into restless painful torturous moments. Soon, sleep deprivation and the ensuing pain began to interfere and affect my professional and social life. With a firm resolve to tackle this escalating pain, I started researching alternate remedies. Through an acquaintance, I got Gail Craig’s contact at PhysioActive and immediately contacted her. Her counselling carefully explored my pain history and she customized an appropriate therapy to treat my condition. Today, I no longer have the kind of excruciating lower back pain, which I suffered in the past. Every morning I do 4-5 different types of exercises prescribed by her, which takes 4-5 minutes to complete. Thanks to Gail, I can now sleep peacefully on my back and sides without any pain. So, low back pain can be treated with physiotherapy. Do not silently live with it. Instead, seek help and if in Singapore, do give Gail a call at PhysioActive. She is the best pain killer!
Margaret Moody (Home Manager )
I have known Gail Craig for over three years now and I continue to put my care in her hands for the following reasons. She is very knowledgeable about the whole body and how it gets injured and starts to heal. She doesn’t just look at one part of your body, she looks at the balance of your body. I know that she is providing good information because it makes sense to me as a nurse. She provides clear exercises to strengthen my weak areas at home and follows up with emails and return demonstration. Most of all, she approaches her patient care with a very personal touch so that you feel that you are part of a team to get you back into better health rather than just a patient. She is the whole package for a physical therapist.
Tracy Lim (Director)
I attended PhysioActive following a cervical neck surgery in July 2017 and was introduced to my physiotherapist Diana Mecklenburg by my doctor. She is professional, highly knowledgeable and passionate about her patient's recovery and progress. I want to thank her for the fast recovery and the confidence to play golf again!
Moritz Wolf (Student)
I like going to PhysioActive, because the therapists are always very confident that they can help their patients. Even though Diana is sometimes very tough on me with the exercises, I feel better after the treatment. Also, the staff members at the reception are very friendly and always creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. They are always helpful with making new appointments and trying to accommodate our preferred time slots.
Rebecca Radley (Copywriter)
The pre-natal sessions at PhysioActive were exactly what I needed to feel more confident and informed about approaching birth. The advice and exercises helped tremendously and made a great difference to the pain and pushing during birth. I know because I was only with PhysioActive for my second child. I wish I knew about them sooner – the guidance and support were invaluable!
Due to a hiking accident I had multiple fractures of my shoulder and arm. Following a complicated surgery, I needed to learn again moving my arm and shoulder as well as to build up muscles. Denis is helping me in an excellent way and I make good progress in this lengthy and painful process. The treatment is extremely professional and personalised. Therefore, I can highly recommend Denis and PhysioActive to anyone seeking help.
Pauline Ong
I had medial meniscus tear with osteoarthritis 4 months ago. The doctor suggested surgery but I wanted to try the non-surgical methods first. I was thus introduced to Denis Mecklenburg. I am very impressed by his knowledge as every question asked was answered instantly and in-depth with clarity on the treatment available I have undergone treatment with ultrasound and shockwave therapy, as well as incorporated exercises to strengthen my core muscles, quadriceps and hamstring and not forgetting functional exercises. I am now almost 100% pain- free. Thank u so much Denis! Appreciate it a lot as I can now walk confidently without aids! Kudos to the receptionists too for always having a smile. It really brightens my days whenever I walk in your clinic.
Navya Singh (Dancer )
Before coming to PhysioActive I had been struggling with chronic Achilles tendinitis for 4 months. Being a dancer, this was especially devastating as being away from training was really difficult. Out of those 4 months, I had been at another physio place for about 3 months but they couldn't seem to help me. They even went as far as giving shockwave therapy which was immensely painful. Finally, I decided to go back to the doctor and was transferred to PhysioActive. I had my doubts about Denis and thought "Psh, what can a person do to help when they haven't even seen what my ankle has been through for the past 4 months" but I was wrong. Denis asked me several questions about the type of pain, how it started and what my previous physio place did. What he did differently was that he always put how my injury was responding and how I felt above how I should be progressing. He explained to me that the mistake in the previous treatment was that they were moving me onto strengthening too quickly when I should be focusing on very gentle stretching first. Now, just 2 months under his treatment, I'm almost pain-free and should be returning to the dance studio soon. I'm beyond happy and thankful towards Denis and PhysioActive and recommend them for sure 🙂
Mabel Chung
After my shoulder surgery in 2017 August, I requested through my orthopaedic specialist for a physio centre who could help me rehabilitate to playing golf in 6 months. Working through my recovery with Denis Mecklenburg has been an eye-opener! He walks you through every detail from day one and works hands-on tirelessly for every session (and without equipment unless absolutely necessary). I’ve undergone treatment with many physio centres in the past year but PhysioActive is the one that truly delivers the term: PATIENT CARE. Kudos to Denis and his team!
Lasse Lindstrom (Sunday Runner)
I enjoy running a lot but had to stop my favourite hobby due to an injury with my meniscus. I was already considering a knee operation but thanks to the fantastic and very professional help of Denis and Brigitte, I was able to get back on the running track. It is amazing what can be done under the guidance of a skilled physiotherapist.
Kenneth Chua (Area Sales & Business Development Manager )
I've been working with Denis for the past few months on my shoulder tear. I appreciate very much the frank assessments on my condition and the structured approach to my physiotherapy program. There's a long road ahead to healing my shoulder but am confident that I'll get there.
Joerg Kuehn (Executive Coach)
I visited PhysioActive because of knee problems, which were holding me back from playing football for several months. I absolutely loved the clear diagnosis and explanation provided by Denis, as it helped me to understand how I could contribute myself to ensure the pain reduces. Denis helped me to develop a dedicated muscle training program, based on which I was able to go back to play football regularly only a few weeks after I had visited PhysioActive. Thanks for your help, Denis!
Anja Dierssen
Denis Mecklenburg and the entire team at PhysioActive are very friendly. Denis has a pleasant disposition and is a professional physiotherapist who takes time to explain the nature of my condition, treatment plan and prognosis. My questions were always answered in a very understanding and empathetic manner. I particularly appreciate Denis’ flexibility to take time and offer to look at the other problems that I have. I can feel great improvement after a short time with Denis. I am in very good hands at PhysioActive and can strongly recommend this clinic.
Joerg Kuehn (Executive Coach)
I absolutely loved the clear diagnosis and explanation provided by my therapist as it helped me to understand how I could contribute myself to ensure the pain reduces. Denis helped me to develop a dedicated muscle training program, based on which I was able to go back to play football regularly only a few weeks after I had visited PhysioActive.
Natasha Crane
Emilia is a fantastic physio. She immediately helped to explain what I could do to strengthen my glutes and gave me some very effective exercises. I was also given stretching exercises which have helped give me more mobility in my hips. Thank you Emilia!
Eimear McKernan
After falling and breaking my elbow I went for six sessions with Emilia. She explained the nature of my break and treatment clearly and was extremely helpful in guiding me on what to do to recover quickly and fully. Thanks to her expert care I was able to gain strength and mobility quickly. Thanks again for all your help.
Antonio Salgado
I saw Conor for the first time when I injured my knee a couple of months back. My injury was the result of a muscular imbalance that required me to exercise more other parts of my leg in order to relieve the pain. Color's knowledge instructions and follow up helped me to recover fast. He made sure that I regained the strength that I needed in order to heal. I had to work hard and Conor pushed me harder every week but at the end the results were amazing. It helps that he is also very kind and attentive. Now, after I healed, Conor and I have been working on my back, as I have been suffering from pain in my lower back for years. His exercises and care have made me improve and feel better. I will keep working with him as he has helped me with my injuries.
Madeline Wong
Andrew is a very meticulous physiotherapist. From the questions that he asks me, I know that he genuinely wants to do his job well. This makes me feel very safe as I know that he is not taking any risks with my knee condition. From day one, Andrew has made me feel very comfortable in his presence. This is important because it would be awful to have to spend 45 mins with him every weekend if I’m not comfortable with him prodding my knee and quads. He is also very encouraging, which is a very vital quality in a physiotherapist as it gives me great motivation to push myself harder at each session and to continue doing the exercises that he has recommended during the week. I would certainly recommend Andrew to my friends if they need to see a physiotherapist.
Florian Pinz
Liam has been doing a remarkable job. It has only been 3 months after my collar bone fracture and surgery and I am hardly restricted in my everyday life. I am convinced that this is mainly due to Liam's dedicated and professional work that he practices with passion. After each session, Liam would send me an updated training plan for exercising at home, too. Overall, I am very pleased with Liam and PhysioActive.
Elvin Kwek
Liam has been a very friendly and caring physiotherapist. He edits my exercise programs after almost every session to ensure that I improve consistently. Also, he takes into accounts my needs and preferences so that he can tailor make my exercises accordingly. When I met with my doctor after 2 months of physiotherapy, he was also surprised by my vast improvement. Minor things like engaging in conversation with me during massages also helped to divert my attention away from the pain. Liam has been a great help in my recovery.
Jane Seah
When my daughter had her cartilage and ligament repair surgery on both her ankles, the doctor recommended us PhysioActive and she was able to walk normally after 2 months, thanks to Liam's dedication and professional help! Recently, I have also fractured my ankle and I was not hesitant to seek Liam's help again at PhysioActive! My daughter and I had recover speedily under Liam's professionalism and we will strongly recommend PhysioActive!
Ang Guek Ee
In May 2016, I went through a surgery for my ruptured rotator cuff tendon at the Centre of Orthopaedics, Mount Elizabeth Hospital. My surgeon then referred me to PhysioActive for post-operation physiotherapy. At PhysioActive, the rehabilitation regimen is holistic. Apart from using manual therapy to alleviate the unrelenting pain and discomfort of my left arm, Li Feng, my physiotherapist, also guides me patiently through strengthening exercises and posture management for better care of my shoulders and prevention of future injuries. Dry needling is occasionally administered to relieve pain and aid recovery. He often shares simple, bite-size exercises for me to integrate into my daily exercise routine at home. The short video clips of his exercise demonstrations are very useful in helping to achieve my personal exercise goals. Li Feng is an experienced therapist who is dedicated and professional. Although I could not at times articulate my pains and symptoms well, he has a good intuitive understanding of my condition and proactively plans targeted exercises to address them. Most importantly, he has ensured a seamless progression between the rehabilitation phases as my clinical assessment and functions improve. PhysioActive has a conducive environment for rehabilitation with good facilities including a well-equipped gym. The receptionists, Sri and Beate, are friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Other physiotherapists, Laura and Mathias, who worked with me in short periods were also professional and helpful. Overall, my experience with PhysioActive has been positive and impressive. I have seen good progress on my shoulder after a few months. I will unreservedly recommend it to others.
Raquel Crippa
Brigitte has helped me transform my life. I started going to see Brigitte two years ago after trying different Physio clinics around Singapore This is my story: I was in chronic pain on the right side of my body for over one year. I also could not sit on hard surfaces as that triggered even more pain. I was constantly feeling depressed. In addition I had a neuroma in my right foot that I had surgically removed. I was also taking pain medication. With high expertise and much patience Brigitte started treating me. She would teach me about my posture, muscular imbalances, stretches and strengthening exercises. She would also do dry needling in the areas where she felt it was needed. I always felt I was in great hands. Now I am a completely different person. I can sit wherever I want. I can exercise with no pain. I am constantly in a happy mood. I take no pain medication. My foot is much better. I have learned so much about my body. I have been extremely lucky to have found Brigitte. I continue to go to Brigitte but no longer as a pain patient. I go for strengthening and maintenance. I continue to learn and get stronger. I definitely had a star watching over me. Thank you Brigitte
Leslie Evans
I was referred to Brigitte with a right shoulder injury, incurred when optimistically attempting a challenging yoga pose. She did a thorough assessment and concluded that I have scoliosis, hyper-kyphosis, hyper-lordosis and chronic tension in my core, hips and shoulders, likely caused by years of hunching over a computer at work. So, basically, the shoulder injury was the tip of the iceberg! My treatment has involved releasing muscle tension, ungluing fascia, learning how to relax, unjamming / realigning joints, unlearning bad habits, strengthening weak muscles, relearning how to do even the simplest of movement. Brigitte's skilful dry needling has been a major part of restoring the condition of my muscles: yes, it's been painful at times, but the dry needling has been highly effective for me. Her ability to analyse movement and her understanding of how the musculoskeletal system works is awesome: she can always spot when I'm cheating (using the wrong muscles) and when I haven't been doing my homework. We've been working for over 3 years now - that may seem like a long time, but when dealing with extensive issues that have built up over 20+ years, they're not going to get fixed overnight. The improvement in my posture, my range of motion, my pain level and overall well-being has been tremendous. I cannot emphasis enough how much Brigitte's skills as a physiotherapist have impacted the quality of my life.
Lars van den Bosch
Having a very long history of back problems and having seen quite a number of different Physiotherapists in the past years, I frankly speaking did not have huge hopes that it would really make a difference this time around. My experience at PhysioActive however was a different and a very positive one. Gail from PhysioActive helped me to overcome back issues I have already started to give up on believing that it could be cured. Following Gail’s advice was truly a good choice. I am even back jogging on a regular basis – something others told me I will not be able to do anymore.
‎Silvie Kaffenberger‎
I have been seeing Gail after my spine fusion and hip fusion. She could explain all pains, discomfort and what was happening with my body. The treatment was personalized from Gail. It works on me as magic! She knows the specific needs. I really can recommend her!
Catherine Charbit
I've seen Gail for more than a year for a serious ankle problem and chronic pain. I'd seen 2 others physio in other places before her unsuccessfully, but Gail's experience and listening aptitude made the difference. She helped me to start walking again after several months and gave me a daily home programme of exercises to improve faster. She is absolutely great, very professional and has a great sense of humour ? Very highly recommended
Mavis McAllister
I have had chronic muscle pain for years. This has resulted in muscles which are constantly messed up, and don't function properly. Over the past 20 years, I have tried to exercise and gone to physios to help regain muscle usage. Not one physio was able to help me gain any progress. But Diana listened to my history and made her own assessment of my muscles and voila! she created and explained a strategy that works for my muscles, and has patiently explained each step of the way, and each new exercise to me. For the first time in my life I am actually making progress, learning to use each muscle properly, starting with micro exercises which produce results I can actually see. Thank you Diana, for making this breakthrough possible -- you are simply amazing!
Martin Hang
I want to thank my physiotherapist Diana for taking great care of me following my ankle surgery in August 2015. She was professional, encouraging, helpful and cheerful, making it easier for me to recover quickly. Thank you!
Susan Huray
My husband suffered from frozen shoulder for 6 months. Despite visiting two orthopedics and three recommended Physio therapists, his condition remained unchanged. After he was treated by Diana of PhysioActive for 3 months, he is now 95% recovered. We strongly recommend Diana and her team. They are professional, friendly and know their stuff well.
Mike Dorris
PhysioActive (Denis Mecklenburg) came highly recommended to me by a trusted friend after I had tweaked a disk in my lower back and was in some pain. The doctor gave me meds and sent me to an orthopedist who told me what I had done and recommended physical therapy to enhance my core strength, as my problem was not serious but would recur if I didn't take better care of myself. I don't like pain much, so decided to take the advice, not knowing what to expect. By the time I went to PhysioActive the pain was gone, but Denis asked great questions, manipulated my back a little bit, and instantly new what was right for me and how I could develop the core strength I needed, as well as the stretching I needed, on a basis and at a pace that was exactly right for me: slow but sure --- not competitive body building, but gradual do-able steps which I would actually do at home and not blow off because it was too hard or because I already forgot what I was taught (two major reasons why exercise hasn't continued with me in the past). I highly recommend PhysioActive for anyone seeking to improve their health. Do not wait until you hurt yourself and it is too late!
C.T. Seah (Group Director, Corporate Services)

I had a shoulder injury for many years and even surgery didn’t seem to help. I was recommended to Denis for physiotherapy treatment and within 3 months, he solved my problem completely. His diagnosis was spot-on and his treatment was highly effective. Denis is an extremely competent physiotherapist and I have no hesitation in recommending him to my colleagues and friends. They, too, have benefited immensely from his treatment.


I was recommended to see Gail at PhysioActive for my diastasis recti. Following two c-sections, two large babies and bad advice from a personal trainer at a large gym I thought my core muscles would never be fixed and I'd even considered surgery. Gail was a breath of fresh air - finally someone who was sympathetic, knowledgeable & confident that she could help me. I saw her weekly for about three months and experienced results beyond my expectations. My core is still a work in progress but I have total confidence in Gail helping me progress even further. I have recommended Gail to many girlfriends who suspect they are also suffering from diastasis recti. I only wish I'd seen her sooner.

Vietnamese French Woman, 37

In France, prolapse post pregnancy is a main concern and every woman is strongly enticed to go through "physiotherapist sessions" in order to get her body back in shape before practicing any exercise. In Singapore, it does not seem to be common practice so after my 1st pregnancy, I must admit I was a bit lazy and didn’t go through a proper program. However, after my 2nd pregnancy, my 2 boys are 18 months apart, I began to feel some pain in my back and my bottom, not a real prolapse but just enough to be felt and a bit inconvenient in everyday life. Obviously, I was carrying my eldest and living in a house, keeping on going up and down the stairs; meaning living a normal life. That is when I decided to go and see Gail Craig, and it did help me a lot. What I like most is that she understands all life constraints, and does not give any exercise which would be too difficult to stick in your busy schedule but really suggest realistic things to do so that you can get better. Above all, she is a very caring and approachable person you can talk to which is a great support in these times where you can't always share all intimate details with anybody else.

Katy Davies
I attended PhysioActive following a knee surgery 12 weeks ago and was introduced to my physiotherapist Fran McKirdy. I have during this time undergone a 2nd operation as the knee was not healing. This was picked up at an early stage by Fran. Since the 2nd surgery my progress has improved considerably. Fran is professional, highly knowledgeable and genuinely interested in her work. I owe a huge thank you to her personally as my progress continues under her expert guidance.
Dr. Sascha Heussler (Scientist at NUS)
After my ACL reconstruction my doctor sent me to PhysioActive for my knee rehabilitation. Thanks to them I have fully recovered and I’m able to play football again. Thanks again for your great help!!!
Lars van den Bosch (MD)
Having a very long history of back problems and having seen quite a number of different Physiotherapists in the past years, I frankly speaking did not have huge hopes that it would really make a difference this time around. My experience at PhysioActive however was a different and a very positive one. Gail from PhysioActive helped me to overcome back issues I have already started to give up on believing that it could be cured. Following Gail’s advice was truly a good choice. I am even back jogging on a regular basis – something others told me I will not be able to do anymore.
Manuel Flores (Bayer Healthcare, Asia Pacific Regional Compliance Director)
Begin of 2013 I was diagnosed with a partial thickness rotator cuff tear and subacromial inpingement syndrom. As a consequence I underwent surgery of my right shoulder. As physiotherapy plays a key role after the procedure and during the recovery phase, the company Physioactive Pte. Ltd. was recommended to me by my surgeon. Over the course of four months of treatment I got acquainted of the thorough and professional manners of the Physioactive team. The treatment received and the recommended exercises at home plus follow ups were exemplary and I have no doubt that this regime significantly aided in my full and complete recovery. Having said that, the physiotherapy treatment does not go alone, it needs to be accompanied by constancy and discipline when doing the exercises at home or else. I greatly appreciate that Denis was quite straight forward on making me understand this approach, not only showing a firm, while gently, attitude but as well encouraging me to take control of my own recovery. Many thanks for this, I really appreciate it.
Richard Vanderput
I am truly satisfied with the high level of experience and professionalism of the whole team at PhysioActive Pte Ltd. They helped me to recover from injuries I sustained after being hit by a truck whilst cycling. I fractured 5 vertebrae in my spine, my shoulder and 4 ribs. Diana, Colin and Alexander played a major role in my recovery. A big thank to everyone and in particular to Diana for ensuring that I worked very hard on my spine and who played a major role in my spine recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending PhysioActive to anyone.
Ronald Tan
Thank you for your professional discernment and diligence that led to the rapid restoration to full functionality and flexibility of my otherwise badly "frozen" shoulder. If not for your precise and effective therapy, I would have needed surgery! On my last visit to Denis on 10 August 2010, the words you said "Ronald, there is no need for you to come anymore" sounded like the most soothing music to my ears! I remember I started my first session with him only as recent as April 2010 on the recommendation of a colleague who was also successfully treated by him. This was after I was not making any progress under another physiotherapist. My quality of life was dismal as I experienced excruciating pain. Denis exercised great professionalism by firstly very carefully ascertaining exactly the cause and extent of my problem. And what I appreciated greatly was that he took pains to explain to me clearly in simple language and with the aid of the models. He then also gave me an idea of how he would go about treating my condition, the expected time to recovery and most importantly, getting myself to be responsible in doing the therapy exercises at home in partnership with him. Denis leaves no doubt in his patient that he knows what he is doing and that gave a great sense of comfort and assurance to the patient that he is in good hands. I could already feel the change for the better after the 2nd session and that motivated me to persevere with the therapy both with him and on my own. Thank you Denis for helping me regain my quality of life. I commend you for your superior professionalism, thoroughness, care and attentiveness to the patient and his condition.
Joanna Aarvold, Mother
Thank you! Edson was fantastic and Saskia's neck is much better.
Michal Samek

Dear Li Feng, I would like to thank you for your treatment and advice on my back and neck problems. After few sessions with you and now more than a month of practicing your suggestions the problems seem to be gone. It took few weeks for the back muscles to re-adjust to my new sitting posture but it now feels very relaxing and I don’t wake up with pain in the night. So once again many thanks for your help!


I started seeing Gail in PhysioActive after having my third baby. I had suffered pelvic floor prolapse after my second pregnancy and needed surgery. Unfortunately due to our posting at that time I could not avail of any physiotherapy. This time I wanted a different outcome and went for physio very early. Gail was really great. She listens, motivates and understands. I have been going for a number of months now and can honestly say that the results are unbelievable. I can now go out and about with confidence and have taken up sports again, without fear of leaking. I enjoy my sessions with Gail and would highly recommend anyone suffering from something similar to seek help. The results are worth whatever embarrassment you might feel and in truth Gail is a skilled practitioner who makes things are comfortable and private as possible.

Divya Deepak (Housewife)
My life got a lot better after you taught me those exercises for my postnatal back pain. I feel absolutely great now. I am able to give my best as a mother to my baby boy. I wanted to write to you just to tell you how you changed my life. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for your accurate treatment.
Mary Jo Pokorski

I came to Physioactive to work on my Diastasis Recti, a condition I developed during my pregnancy and with which I needed help resolving after giving birth. I was very confused as to which approach would be better to rectify the Diastasis. When I did my own research I found conflicting views as to how to go about my rehabilitation, the two conflicting approaches being a traditional one and a more recent view which seemed to be gaining ground. The latter focused on strengthening the TVA rather than doing crunches or obliques. I personally felt more comfortable with strengthening my TVA. When I first met with Gail, I immediately felt I was in good hands as she patiently explained all options with me, but was in favor with the new approach. Together we worked on an 18 week program which gradually brought me through definite improvements towards my goals. I reduced my gap from 4 fingers to less than one by working with her. Gail is highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who is passionate about her work. I would highly recommend her to whomever is looking for support with Women's Health Issues.

Adam Bennett (Ship Broker)

Following surgery to reconstruct my shoulder after a bad motorcycle accident, I began seeing Mathias at PhysioActive. Matthias pushed to my limits without compromising my safety, and has been an integral part of my recovery. He has helped to reduce pain and strengthen my shoulder, which has allowed me to regain functionality and return to the tennis court. I strongly recommend Mathias and PhysioActive to anyone with musculoskeletal issues.

Dr Diana Tan (General Practitioner)

I had been in two car accidents within a span of a year which left me with whiplash of my neck and lower back and chronic pain. I had been to several physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, traditional Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncture and chiropractors with little avail. However, I am glad that I met Mathias Puhr who has been trained in chronic pain management as well as neurological pain. I suffered from piriformis syndrome which left me struggling to sit in my chair to do my work as a doctor and also having difficult carrying simple things like a bottle of milk or being able to sit down for prolonged periods of time. The pain was so intense, I had difficulty sleeping for three years and had to take medications so that I could get rest at night. I had been through many sessions of manual therapy and I also did personal training to relearn how to activate my other groups of muscles as well as strengthen my weaker muscles such that I could get back to my normal activities of living. I am happy to share that today I am free of having to take any pain medications as well as being able to do long distance travel and lift groceries which was a huge struggle previously.


I went to Mathias with a lower back problem and had difficulties with mobility. Mathias was patient and meticulous in ascertaining what needed to be adressed, providing clear guidelines on follow through and answering all my queries. Most importantly, his manner put me immediately at ease and I trust him with successful recovery.


I am an Indian classical dancer. In 2012, my left hamstring muscle stiffened and limited me from doing most of my activities. I was not able to walk straight, stretch my left leg or pursue my dance regime. Mathias, helped me out through his mindful intervention and understanding of the injury, skillful clinical massages to ease the muscle tension and prescribed a routine of specific physiotherapy activities. These included basic free hand movements along with the use of swimming pool. I live away from Singapore most of the year but rest assured that Mathias will take care of my injuries and fix me always!!


After a skiing accident and damaging my ACL, MCL and meniscus, I was referred to Mathias Puhr at PhysioActive. Mathias was able to work me through a series of exercises which built up just the right muscles that I should be using. The exercises also built up my confidence in using my injured knee. Many thanks to Matthias, I am back to running and look forward to skiing again soon.

John Matthews (Senior Director, Business Performance)

I first went to see PhysioActive on a referral from my doctor due to a severe left shoulder strain. I was in pretty serious pain and was limited in what I could do. Alex, the physical therapist with whom I worked, was through and professional and while it took some time due to nature of the strain, I recovered completely and suffered no prolonged impairment. I've not had a problem with the condition since Alex finished up.

Christine Werschnitzky

Dear Alexandra, My Knee Surgery was done 21 of January. After that I was referred to Physio Active. I had to start from zero ,all my muscle and strength were gone. I want to thank you for all your support and very good Physio Therapy building my muscle and strength back to normal. I really looking forward for my next run. Thanks a lot Alexandra!

Claudio Alves (Global Director of Marketing and Sales, Vale SA)

In January, 2013, I suffered a serious accident while travelling in China, where I went under surgical procedure. Back home in Singapore, I was treated by an Orthopedic doctor which referred me to PhysioActive for a physiotherapy follow up. I was broken down, in a wheel chair and with a slight hope of recovering all my movements. With a constant and serious work from my Alex, after a couple of weeks I was able to move from the wheel chair into a pair of crutches and from that to the help of an orthesis. My movements gradually came back and one year later I regain all my movements as before the accident. None of that would have been reached without the invaluable orientation of the PhysioActive professionals and expertise, especially from Ms. Alexandra Gill.

E Grundy ( Homemaker and amateur golfer)

After a keyhole surgery for a shoulder impingement and tendon tears, I had five months of physiotherapy treatment by Alex Gill. The five months felt an extremely long time for me but now I can play golf again. Alex is very experienced, not only as a physiotherapist, but also as a mentor. I could not have made it through without her continuous encouragement.

Michael Burke (Assoc. Dean)

I attended Physioactive last November following shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, an acromioplasty, and removal of a bone spur. I could not be more pleased with the treatment I received from Ram Peruvemba, my physiotherapist. Not only did Ram advise me prior to surgery on what to expect from my therapy and recovery time but following the procedure, he devised and executed a rigorous treatment plan which has given me a full recovery of strength and function in only six months. It wasn't always easy - and I had no expectation that it would be - but Ram's knowledge and expertise always gave me the confidence that if I completed the exercises as he directed - which I did religiously - I would regain full range of motion and strength. I now have a new shoulder, free of pain. Thank you, Ram.


Ram is professional, personable and knowledgeable. He explains my treatment in layman’s terms which consequently enables me to become an active participant in my care. Ram has a calm and reassuring manner that puts me at ease and encourages me to feel more optimistic and hopeful regarding my long term recovery. We have built up a good relationship of trust over the last few months and I would highly recommend him as a physiotherapist.

John Matthews (Senior Director, Business Performance)
Being no longer young, I also try to get regular massages as I am both of a large size yet still fairly active. I like a more vigorous massage and the ones I had gotten in Singapore before tended to be little more than a pleasant rub-down. Alex had told me that PhysioActive did massages so I called and secured an appointment with Colin and have never looked back. More of a treatment for specific issues than the usual "relaxation" therapy, Colin's massages are quite vigorous and he has helped remedy some muscle cramps and tightness that I had suffered from for years. He is quite good at what he does, listens carefully, and really helps with the aches and pains that I occasionally have. I recommend PhysioActive to anyone who is serious about feeling better as they are very competent professionals, yet still friendly and quite engaging.
Saul Leighton
After a fews physio sessions with Matthias, he recommended seeing Colin for deep tissue sports massage treatments for my chronic lower back pain. After only a few weeks of treatment, there was a noticeable improvement. Now I sleep better and have less pain when sitting in the office. Colin is always friendly and chats with me during treatment, even when it hurts. His techniques really helped me. Now in "maintenance mode", I still see Colin fortnightly to keep the muscles limber and reduce the pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Colin."
Kelley Colyer, Busy Mum

I went to PhysioActive reluctantly, thinking that my sore, aching back and hips would eventually fix itself. But my doctor encouraged me to go and I am so glad I did. Joel conducted a thorough and accurate assessment of what was going on in my body. He then manipulated the areas to loosen things up a bit and gave me some simple, no fuss exercises to do each day. as someone who hates exercise I was impressed by how easy and beneficial the exercises were. Within 2 weeks I had more movement and felt more supple in the areas of trouble, plus the pain was greatly reduced. I continue to do my exercises whilst going about my day and find that it has helped enormously. If you are doubting whether to go or not I say "Definately GO, you won't regret it"

Peter Weidner (Vice President Asia & Pacific)

1.5 years ago I had a slipped disc in my back, which was quite painful and made it difficult to travel and impossible to play tennis! The physio sessions with Fran were great and with the trainings program she gave to me I am now back to tennis and travelling without any problems. My back is feeling really good and I can play tennis 4-5 times a week! As a consequence I played too much tennis and I got an injury with my Achilles tendon. With the help of Fran I’m once again back to pain free tennis. I still do the program 3-4 times a week that Fran designed for me and it is working perfectly!!!


After injuring my knee tendon even the most basic task of walking was extremely painful. I had never had physiotherapy before but I’m glad I tried as Li Feng got me walking pain free after 2 weeks and back in the gym after 6 weeks.


I was referred to Brigitte with a right shoulder injury, incurred when optimistically attempting a challenging yoga pose. She did a thorough assessment of my entire spine and both shoulders, in order to evaluate the root cause of the problem: essentially chronic tension in my upper back and shoulders, most likely caused by years of hunching over a computer at work. My treatment has involved releasing muscle tension, ungluing fascia, unjamming / realigning joints (spine and shoulders), unlearning bad habits, strengthening weak muscles, relearning how to do even the simplest of movements - lifting up my arms - using the correct muscles, before moving on to more complex movements and yoga postures. Brigitte's skilful dry needling has been a major part of restoring the condition of my muscles: yes, it's been painful at times, but the dry needling has been so effective for me, we've worked on numerous other issues - hips, feet, lower back, ITBs, etc - which had caused me to quit running a few years ago. Her ability to analyse movement and her understanding of how the musculoskeletal system works is awesome. She can always spot when I'm cheating (using the wrong muscles) and when I haven't been doing my homework ? We've been working for 9 months now - that may seem like a long time, but when dealing with issues that have built up over 20+ years, they're not going to get fixed overnight. The improvement in my posture, my range of motion, my pain level and overall well-being has been tremendous. I'm now swimming further than ever before (and it feels so much easier!), my yoga practice is much calmer and I'm even contemplating starting to run again. I've still got work to do - my Chaturanga still sucks - but day by day I'm improving. I cannot emphasis enough how much Brigitte's skills as a physiotherapist have impacted my physical well-being and the quality of my life. My yoga and swimming are an integral part of my life: 9 months ago I thought I might have to give them up for good; now I'm enjoying them more than ever, thanks to Brigitte (and I must also give credit to Alex, who steps in (with the needles!) when Brigitte's away).

Female patient

I had hip arthroscopy in my right hip 16 weeks ago and will have another arthroscopy in my left hip next month. My doctor recommended me to see Brigitte Lichtenberger for rehabilitation. To be honest, I was quite nervous about receiving physiotherapy before I came in. Having problems in other side of my hip, my knees as well as my neck, I thought that physiotherapy might exaggerate these problems. But, my anxieties started to disappear after the first session with Brigitte. She always gave me a clear diagnosis based on her extensive experience and knowledge and explained what was going on in my body in an understandable manner. She also has great passion in her work and I felt reassured by the "teamwork atmosphere" she made where I could tell her anything that was on my mind and she was able to answer any questions. I think this helped me keep going. I am currently preparing for the next surgery and looking forward to continuing rehab with her after that.

Joe Riviere

I was experiencing bad lower-back pain which had stopped me from playing sport and was impacting on my day-to-day work at the office. Jenny at PhysioActive swiftly isolated the problem and explained what was going on. Through a combination of physiotherapy and advice on stretches and strengthening exercises my sessions at PhysioActive resulted in swift improvement. After ten sessions I have no back pain and I’m swimming, cycling and running again. This has made a big difference to my quality of life and I would highly recommend Jenny at PhysioActive on this basis.

Philipp Von Pein

I had suffered from a number of hamstring injuries in the past and after my most recent tear during a football game, I asked around for the best physio and was referred to Denis Mecklenburg at PhysioActive. The combination of therapies incl. sports massages and physiotherapy, in particular building and strengthening all the muscles that are crucial for recovery as well as preventing injuries, really impressed me. The progress I have made after only a few sessions is phenomenal and I feel so much fitter than ever before. Thank you guys!!!

Joerg Kuehn

I visited PhysioActive because of knee problems, which were holding me back from playing football for several months. I absolutely loved the clear diagnosis and explanation provided by Denis, as it helped me to understand how I could contribute myself to ensure the pain reduces. Denis helped me to develop a dedicated muscle training program, based on which I was able to go back to play football regularly only a few weeks after I had visited PhysioActive. Thanks for your help, Denis!

Stef Scha

I went to PhysioActive after a recommendation from a friend. Since a few months I discovered reoccurring issues with my hamstring muscle. The therapist suggested specific exercises during the first season, which I have been doing for the past weeks. The confidence of playing football and not having to worry about an injury has risen ever since.... Can only recommend the service and overall experience. Thx Steffen

Pal Sandy

Very professional and detailed treatment given. You don't have to worry, and you feel at ease to ask questions related to your conditions. It is a very comfortable and professional treatment and consultation provided.

Johan Tan

Niza is an efficient and competent receptionist who is accommodating and patient. She is also very on task and meticulous with work, making sure that any changes to appointment schedules are accounted for and never forgetting to take the necessary follow up action. I'm truly appreciative of her cheerful nature and her willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that my experience in seeking treatment at the centre is as stressless and fuss-free as possible.

Frank Baistrocchi

I need to thank the front desk staff for always being welcoming and efficient with my bookings. PhysioActive is a well run team!

Frank Baistrocchi

I just ended 5 months of post surgery physiotherapy with the very thorough Li Feng and wanted to express my sincere thanks to Li Feng. From the onset, he provided a detailed outline of the process and carefully guided me in each session. He was realistic on the timing and progress which proved to be spot on. I put my full trust in him and he delivered. My shoulder is recovered and I’ve confidently resumed sports and training.

Rachel (and Paul) Cooper

My husband and I have fairly recently become patients of Jenny Johnson's at Raffles Quay for very different reasons. We both cannot speak more highly of her up to the minute knowledge, professionalism and a most pleasant 'bedside manner' and would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends looking for expert physiotherapy treatment. Her method of treatment was both pain free and effective and she went a long way to explain her particular approach and how we could self-treat into the future. Thank you very much Jenny!

Rupinder Vohra

I came to see Leah when I was in excruciating pain and have lost all hope that I will start feeling any better by Physiotherapy. I had pain in my neck, shoulder blades and left arm. I had a slipped disc in C3-C4 and C5-C6. I am glad that I met Leah. She is very knowledgeable about her profession, listens to your symptoms, explains well what could be triggering the pain, and works on those areas to provide relief to your pain. Meeting her and going through my journey so far with her she has given me hope I will fully heal one day. I used to get the tingling in my thumb and finger which has pretty much gone under her guidance. My neck is much more mobile and much less stiffer now. I am very happy with my treatment with Leah.

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