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About Sri

Sri joined the administrative team in April 2015. Sri has previously worked as a receptionist at a beauty salon and banquet server at Marina Bay Sands. Although being the youngest team member at PhysioActive, Sri has shown competency in her work and is able to work independently. With her bubbly personality and excellent communication skills, she aims to provide invaluable service to our patients and also support to our staffs. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and perfecting her baking skills.


Rikke Bach Sørensen
We are leaving Singapore this summer and will miss Gail Craig and the friendly, smiling receptionists Sabrina, Siti and Sri at PhysioActive Camden. Since my sixteen year old daughter had a back injury 2 years ago we have been seeing Gail on a weekly basis. Gail has been a fantastic support during the whole process. From my daughters initial conservative treatment through her back surgery and finally her ongoing rehabilitation. Throughout the process Gail has had a holistic approach to my daughters injury. Meaning that besides the normal physiotherapy Gail has helped my daughter understand her injury and come to terms with the fact that she probably won’t be able to do elite sports again and to overcome her fear of pain and new injuries. Gail has been focused on helping my daughter get her life back, not only fixing her back. And for that I’m forever grateful.
Z. Khan
During a hiking trip, I ruptured my ACL and tore the cartilage in two places in my left knee. I was happy when my doctor recommended a conservative approach which meant physiotherapy instead of surgery. However, after six months of treatment at another clinic and hours at the gym, my knee remained frozen in bent position. I could not climb stairs and even walking was difficult and painful. I decided to see a surgeon as progress seemed to have come to a standstill. The surgeon recommended trying one of the clinics he uses, and so I started my treatment at PhysioActive with Li Feng - and I am so glad that I did! Li Feng takes a very innovative approach to physiotherapy – he optimises a range of tools drawn from Western and Chinese modalities. He tailors his approach to treat the individual not just the injury. He is very kind and intuitive and constantly gauges the patient’s capabilities and adjusts the treatment to suit. Even when I can’t accurately describe where the pain is or how severe, he manages to find the right way to ameliorate it. Using a range of tools including stretches, exercise, dry needling, ultrasound and taping to gradually release the knee capsule whilst strengthening the complementary muscles, he succeeded in straightening the knee. He also used a range of techniques to retrain my brain to walk normally after six months of limping, restore proprioception and importantly, regain trust in the stability of the ACL deficient knee. I am so glad that I followed the surgeon’s advice and switched to Li Feng. If it weren’t for him, my options would have been painful knee surgery followed by another year of therapy or remain limping and in pain. He has worked miracles in the rehabilitation of my knee. I truly appreciate the effort he invests into every session, his patience and encouragement during the rehab process and his knowledge of physiology and the latest techniques to ensure an effective recovery. So, thanks to Li Feng, I am now looking forward to my next hiking adventure! Also thanks to the lovely ladies at the front desk, Sri and Beate who make every visit a pleasure!
Ang Guek Ee
In May 2016, I went through a surgery for my ruptured rotator cuff tendon at the Centre of Orthopaedics, Mount Elizabeth Hospital. My surgeon then referred me to PhysioActive for post-operation physiotherapy. At PhysioActive, the rehabilitation regimen is holistic. Apart from using manual therapy to alleviate the unrelenting pain and discomfort of my left arm, Li Feng, my physiotherapist, also guides me patiently through strengthening exercises and posture management for better care of my shoulders and prevention of future injuries. Dry needling is occasionally administered to relieve pain and aid recovery. He often shares simple, bite-size exercises for me to integrate into my daily exercise routine at home. The short video clips of his exercise demonstrations are very useful in helping to achieve my personal exercise goals. Li Feng is an experienced therapist who is dedicated and professional. Although I could not at times articulate my pains and symptoms well, he has a good intuitive understanding of my condition and proactively plans targeted exercises to address them. Most importantly, he has ensured a seamless progression between the rehabilitation phases as my clinical assessment and functions improve. PhysioActive has a conducive environment for rehabilitation with good facilities including a well-equipped gym. The receptionists, Sri and Beate, are friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Other physiotherapists, Laura and Mathias, who worked with me in short periods were also professional and helpful. Overall, my experience with PhysioActive has been positive and impressive. I have seen good progress on my shoulder after a few months. I will unreservedly recommend it to others.
Frank Baistrocchi

I need to thank the front desk staff for always being welcoming and efficient with my bookings. PhysioActive is a well run team!