Liam Mc Ginley MSc, MCSP

Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Manual Therapist, Dry Needling
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About Liam

Liam, originally from Ireland, graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Physiology and Anatomy before going onto to obtain his MSc in Physiotherapy from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK. He is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and also the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Before joining PhysioActive, Liam spent his last 2 years working in Singapore’s KK Women’s and Children’s hospital, working in both inpatients and outpatients treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative orthopaedic conditions. Liam’s special interest is in sports rehabilitation and knee- and shoulder injuries. He has gained experience working with footballers, runners, golfers, rugby players, and many other recreational sports players. Liam has also spent time working with a professional football academy in the UK. Liam is very passionate about catering to each individual’s needs. Having been an active sportsman his whole life, he understands the personal needs and goals of returning to training and competition following an injury. He believes strongly in an active approach to treatment including both exercise rehabilitation as well as hands-on techniques, during the recovery process. In his free time Liam plays Gaelic football and soccer for the Singapore Gaelic Lions, keeps fit in the gym or running, attempts yoga and enjoys travelling.


Jeffrey Hardee
I had surgeries for torn tendons and bone spurs on my right and left shoulders several years apart and both times was referred to PhysioActive by my surgeon. Both times I was extremely satisfied with my recoveries. After the most recent surgery, Liam handled the therapy, focusing initially on range of motion and then combining it with strength. He gave me a good mix of stretches and exercises to do between sessions and adjusted these as I progressed. A few months on and I was back to my normal routine. I would recommend PhysioActive!
Gilles Leclerc
Great rehab process after my ACL surgery- patient, just the right amount of exercises, and always available either physically or via mail to give advices or answer questions that i may have, even after my full recovery. Thank you Liam!
Steffen Büchs
I reached out to PhysioActive after suffering from a slipped disc in the lower back. Due to time constraints from my side, I had the opportunity to get help from 4 different physiotherapists at PhysioActive. All had a high level of knowledge and really took the time to investigate and prepare the treatment according to my needs. They taught me how to train the right muscles of my body and even more important to sharpen body awareness and how to avoid wrong movements. After 3 months of treatment, I was free of pain and after 5 months of treatment I am glad to say, I am almost back to normal. All without surgery or injections. Special thanks to Liam, Anthony, Denis and Diana.
Nicole Khaw
Having torn my ACL during training for my sport, I saw Liam at PhysioActive before and after my surgery. He guided me through all the different exercises to help with strengthening pre-surgery and continued to do so post-surgery in order to get me as close to initial mobility as possible. The instructions were always thorough and clear, even with slowly easing me back into the sport with specific restrictions. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation with Liam allowed me to gain confidence in my knee's abilities beyond what I had convinced myself of them to be. I would not have gotten this far this quick without his help and guidance. Thank you so much! :)
Barbara Tenius
I was involved with my bike in a car accident in 2016. After a month with no improvement on my knee, I was sent to PhysioActive. My therapist – Liam McGinley, was very honest about my condition and suggested that surgery might be required. I was referred to a doctor where I was diagnosed with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear, medial meniscus tear with patella and articular cartilage injury. One month later, I was operated on my right knee. Since I was not allowed to put any weight on the operated leg for a further month, my therapist came 3 times a week to my house to treat me with lymphatic drainage and physiotherapy. I was also taught how to walk on crutches and eventually, walk unsupported independently. Regaining my movement, I now visit PhysioActive at their Camden clinic twice weekly for postsurgical rehabilitation. Without the professional knowledge of my therapist, I would not be where I am now. The constant mental support also helps me to get better and better. Thank you PhysioActive!
Florian Pinz
Liam has been doing a remarkable job. It has only been 3 months after my collar bone fracture and surgery and I am hardly restricted in my everyday life. I am convinced that this is mainly due to Liam's dedicated and professional work that he practices with passion. After each session, Liam would send me an updated training plan for exercising at home, too. Overall, I am very pleased with Liam and PhysioActive.
Elvin Kwek
Liam has been a very friendly and caring physiotherapist. He edits my exercise programs after almost every session to ensure that I improve consistently. Also, he takes into accounts my needs and preferences so that he can tailor make my exercises accordingly. When I met with my doctor after 2 months of physiotherapy, he was also surprised by my vast improvement. Minor things like engaging in conversation with me during massages also helped to divert my attention away from the pain. Liam has been a great help in my recovery.
Jane Seah
When my daughter had her cartilage and ligament repair surgery on both her ankles, the doctor recommended us PhysioActive and she was able to walk normally after 2 months, thanks to Liam's dedication and professional help! Recently, I have also fractured my ankle and I was not hesitant to seek Liam's help again at PhysioActive! My daughter and I had recover speedily under Liam's professionalism and we will strongly recommend PhysioActive!