Brigitte Lichtenberger B.Sc.

Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist, Dry needling, Footreflexologist
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About Brigitte

Brigitte, originally from Switzerland, graduated with a bachelor degree in Basel. Before coming to Singapore in 2006 she was working in different hospitals and private clinics where she gained great experience in treating musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. During that time she was supervising physiotherapy students and conducting their practical exams. In 2007 Brigitte joined PhysioActive and has been since then a valuable member of the team. Over the recent years she has accomplished many postgraduate courses, specializing in various fields. Besides being a physiotherapist Brigitte is also a certified Coach for wheelchair sports, mainly wheelchair basketball, which helps her a lot to treat athletes in a full understanding. In her spare time Brigitte likes to play Volleyball and started with Taiji training two years ago.


Annette Herzog
I am really happy that I have chosen online sessions because this helps to go on with my physio workout. The online sessions with my physiotherapist helped me a lot because I am able to get in visual contact with my therapist. Brigitte can explain how to do the exercises correctly; I can show how I am doing them, tell and show where pain is. The app supports doing the exercises in the correct way and helps a lot to remember doing them.
Aileen Aschwanden
I've come to Brigitte for therapy twice now. First was when I sprained my neck during a trampoline accident. She helped me tremendously using dry needling therapy. Currently, I'm seeing Brigitte again after a foot surgery. Within a month, I saw substantial improvement and am driving again. She's a tough therapist but efficient. Because she's such a good therapist, she's fully booked most of the time. I don't think that I would be able to get this far after my surgery if not for Brigitte and her tough love and prescribed exercises. I would also like to add that I like coming to PhysioActive as a whole because everyone is so nice. From the receptionists to the therapists, I've always felt welcome no matter how much in pain I am. Thank you.
Alexa Strobel
Due to my TMJ I was suffering from increasingly strong right-sided jaw pain for the past 6 months. Thanks to Brigitte's dry needling and physical therapy, the pain has diminished significantly, making life much more enjoyable. Another problem I obtained due to halfmarathon training is patello-femoral pain syndrome, which is improving continuously due to dry needling and strengthening exercises. Brigitte has deep expertise and I can ask her any questions to understand different aspects of the therapy and its effects. Due to her observations and suggestions about my posture and sitting habits, my hip alignment and flat feet have improved as well and I am confident they will continue to do so.
Linus Strobel
I was suffering from shoulder pain and tightness, as well as reduced shoulder mobility for several months. Despite seeing several physiotherapists, the issue persisted. Brigitte's treatment of dry needling, sports massage and mobilisation has completely eradicated the symptoms within weeks. Additionally, she taught me corrective exercises regarding form in the gym to avoid future injury. Brigitte thoroughly treated my injury and provided advice and support beyond it. Her positivity and enthusiasm towards her craft makes the tedious task of overcoming an injury less daunting.
Raquel Crippa
Brigitte has helped me transform my life. I started going to see Brigitte two years ago after trying different Physio clinics around Singapore This is my story: I was in chronic pain on the right side of my body for over one year. I also could not sit on hard surfaces as that triggered even more pain. I was constantly feeling depressed. In addition I had a neuroma in my right foot that I had surgically removed. I was also taking pain medication. With high expertise and much patience Brigitte started treating me. She would teach me about my posture, muscular imbalances, stretches and strengthening exercises. She would also do dry needling in the areas where she felt it was needed. I always felt I was in great hands. Now I am a completely different person. I can sit wherever I want. I can exercise with no pain. I am constantly in a happy mood. I take no pain medication. My foot is much better. I have learned so much about my body. I have been extremely lucky to have found Brigitte. I continue to go to Brigitte but no longer as a pain patient. I go for strengthening and maintenance. I continue to learn and get stronger. I definitely had a star watching over me. Thank you Brigitte
Leslie Evans
I was referred to Brigitte with a right shoulder injury, incurred when optimistically attempting a challenging yoga pose. She did a thorough assessment and concluded that I have scoliosis, hyper-kyphosis, hyper-lordosis and chronic tension in my core, hips and shoulders, likely caused by years of hunching over a computer at work. So, basically, the shoulder injury was the tip of the iceberg! My treatment has involved releasing muscle tension, ungluing fascia, learning how to relax, unjamming / realigning joints, unlearning bad habits, strengthening weak muscles, relearning how to do even the simplest of movement. Brigitte's skilful dry needling has been a major part of restoring the condition of my muscles: yes, it's been painful at times, but the dry needling has been highly effective for me. Her ability to analyse movement and her understanding of how the musculoskeletal system works is awesome: she can always spot when I'm cheating (using the wrong muscles) and when I haven't been doing my homework. We've been working for over 3 years now - that may seem like a long time, but when dealing with extensive issues that have built up over 20+ years, they're not going to get fixed overnight. The improvement in my posture, my range of motion, my pain level and overall well-being has been tremendous. I cannot emphasis enough how much Brigitte's skills as a physiotherapist have impacted the quality of my life.
Female patient

I had hip arthroscopy in my right hip 16 weeks ago and will have another arthroscopy in my left hip next month. My doctor recommended me to see Brigitte Lichtenberger for rehabilitation. To be honest, I was quite nervous about receiving physiotherapy before I came in. Having problems in other side of my hip, my knees as well as my neck, I thought that physiotherapy might exaggerate these problems. But, my anxieties started to disappear after the first session with Brigitte. She always gave me a clear diagnosis based on her extensive experience and knowledge and explained what was going on in my body in an understandable manner. She also has great passion in her work and I felt reassured by the "teamwork atmosphere" she made where I could tell her anything that was on my mind and she was able to answer any questions. I think this helped me keep going. I am currently preparing for the next surgery and looking forward to continuing rehab with her after that.