Anthony Corr B.Sc.

Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Manual Therapist, Dry Needling, Paediatric Therapist, Pilates Instructor
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About Anthony

Anthony graduated from University of Brighton in 2008 with a Hons BSC degree in Physiotherapy. Since then he has worked in both adult and paediatric settings in Ireland and Singapore. He has had the opportunity to work in many areas of specialisation including rheumatology, orthopedics, neurology rehabilitation, pediatrics and chronic pain. Anthony has conducted research in both cardiac rehabilitation and scoliosis management and his research has been presented at medical conferences in both Australia and the UK.

Since moving to Singapore 7 years ago, he has worked in both KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and a private clinic. Anthony has volunteered with the Football Association of Singapore in the pursuit of better injury prevention and management, and has been involved with teams here and in Ireland both on field and rehabilitation.

Anthony holds a post graduate certification in Physiology and Health Science, and a certification in SpineCor bracing for scoliosis. He is trained in Pilates mat and reformer, Dry needling, sports massage among other treatment techniques. He is an experienced therapist and has a particular interest in spinal injuries and pain management.

Outside of his day job Anthony enjoys playing Football, Boxing and whenever possible, travelling around Asia.


I suffered from a double elbow fracture earlier this year and went to PhysioActive Jurong after the bone healing to get help around joint strengthening and mobilization. My consulting physio was Anthony and he was instrumental in making sure that I made a speedy, full recovery. With the exercises routine that Anthony taught me, I only needed a couple of sessions at PhysioActive, followed by simple exercises that could be performed at home, office, while commuting or even in the shower :-). Anthony was very professional all along while being genuinely concerned about my well-being. What was really helpful was the customized exercise routine that was sent over email, as a follow up to ensure that I was doing the right exercises. Aside from Anthony, the reception staff at PhysioActive Jurong - Siti, was also very professional and prompt. All in all, it was a pleasure to get help from the folks at PhysioActive. Thank you!
Pang Yock Hor
The therapy sessions that I am getting for my fingers' numbness, stiff neck and frozen shoulder are really wonderful. I feel so much better, balanced and relaxed on my neck and shoulders. The key here is continuous stretching and loosening of the muscles' tightness everyday and whenever I have time. The therapy journey with you is definitely worthwhile.
Michael Naert
I was really satisfied with the treatment I received. My therapist truly understood the issue, and my particular situation being in the middle of my racing season. The treatment and exercises provided were well adjusted to my racing schedule and the feedback on the impact of them on my performance and training schedule. There was a focus on both strengthening the knee long term and treating the current muscle tightness/knee inflammation. All in all this helped to get my knee balanced again and I can cycle pain free again.
Steffen Büchs
I reached out to PhysioActive after suffering from a slipped disc in the lower back. Due to time constraints from my side, I had the opportunity to get help from 4 different physiotherapists at PhysioActive. All had a high level of knowledge and really took the time to investigate and prepare the treatment according to my needs. They taught me how to train the right muscles of my body and even more important to sharpen body awareness and how to avoid wrong movements. After 3 months of treatment, I was free of pain and after 5 months of treatment I am glad to say, I am almost back to normal. All without surgery or injections. Special thanks to Liam, Anthony, Denis and Diana.
Sriram R
PhysioActive was recommended to me by my doctor when I came in with a bad lower back injury. My first session was with Denis Mecklenburg. He did a precise analysis of the problem by asking questions and observing my movements, range of motion, and pain points. He then treated me and gave me a set of exercises to do for a week. I could see improvements every day as the pain reduced and my range of motion started increasing. Subsequent sessions were with Anthony Corr. Anthony too was very precise and professional in analysing my current condition and improvements over the past week, identifying the exact location of the main problem to the inflammation of specific vertebrae in the lower back and treating it with massage and ultrasound. He built on the improvement by introducing new movements and increasing the intensity of the exercises for home. During our sessions, both Denis and Anthony took the time and effort to determine the exact nature of the problem, to explain it to me using a model of the skeletal system, and to walk me through the treatment step by step with explanations that helped me understand it clearly. My strength gradually improved over the course of a month, and the pain was gone. However, I took this as a wake-up call to prioritise my health and to not take it for granted. During this healing, I started on a disciplined exercise regimen with daily workouts. I am healthier and stronger than I was a few months ago, I lost 4 kgs and an inch off my waist, my posture has improved, I look and feel better and am free from back pain.
Many thanks for a wonderful first time experience at PhysioActive. I must say you have motivated me enough to step out of my comfort zone and push myself a bit more. Taking your advise closely and will do the exercises religiously. I am looking forward to meet my target every Physio visit.
David Low
It is coming to 3 months from my ACL Operation Date which was done on 2 Aug 2018 by Dr Kannan. I am very happy with the progress of my recovery. I remembered the day after the operation, when I couldn’t even bend my knee and needed clutches when I was discharged from the Hospital. Having undergone the pre-ops sessions, before my operation with Mr Anthony, my Physiotherapist, has allowed me to be familiar with the exercises required after my post ops. Mr Anthony is patient, caring and very organised in putting me through the stages of the post ops exercise regime. He helps to build up my confidence in attempting the various exercises. He is also sensitive to any discomfort or pain during the exercises and but at the same time, nudge me to attempt more difficult movements as I progress. I could vividly remember the moment I could cycle on the stationary bike and run on the treadmill. I remember telling myself, “Finally you could run again” Without going these sessions, I do not believe I would have been able to recover at such wonderful pace and most importantly get on with my daily routines. I applaud PhysioActive for the professionalism in helping their patients get stronger day by day in a very systematic approach. I would strongly recommend their service to my friends.
HuiMin Thong
Would highly recommend PhysioActive! Their professionalism and service standards are truly commendable. I completed my physio sessions with Anthony and he had helped tremendously in my shoulder recovery and strengthening process. His diagnosis and explanations have been accurate and clear. I appreciate that he takes time to understand the situation and to advise accordingly. Delighted to go back to sports again, with a greater awareness of muscle movement. Thank you PhysioActive!