• Janice Tay (3D Designer )
    My therapist is a true gem. She made potentially awkward visits so comfortable with her personable character. I did not have any problem opening up to her and our collaborative relationship has eliminated my pelvic floor issues successfully. I can feel my health improving greatly with her expertise and support!

Pelvic Floor Issues

The pelvic floor is the collection of muscles, nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, and other organs in and around the pelvis. A strong, healthy pelvic floor is crucial for both bowel and bladder continence. However, surgery, aging, and other issues can lead to pelvic floor issues. These issues include loss of complete control over the bowels and/or bladder along with pelvic organ prolapse – the protrusion of the bladder and other organs into the vagina.

The Expert PhysioActive Approach

Pelvic floor issues are common among women of all ages. It is a condition that is embarrassing and has a big impact on your quality of life. You can regain control of your bladder with treatment from our team. Our team is deeply experienced on effective physiotherapy options for all pelvic floor issues.

We have expert female physiotherapists who specialise in compassionate use treatment for pelvic floor issues. Therapy consists of pelvic muscle strengthening and learning control of these muscles. We want to help you experience a reduction of symptoms in a respectful and private setting. Contact us now to begin on the road to reclaim your active, social lifestyle.

*Women’s Health Services are currently only available in the East Coast Clinic*

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can men have pelvic floor issues?

    Yes, although more common in women, men can also suffer from pelvic floor problems.

  • Do you offer treatment for men?

    Yes, we provide treatment for both men’s and women’s pelvic floor issues.

  • I’ve previously had surgery for pelvic floor issues but still have problems. Can you offer help?

    Certainly. Post-operative care is one of our specialties. We can help even if your surgery was years in the past.

  • What specialised pelvic floor treatment do you provide?

    We provide treatment and exercise programmes designed to improve incontinence problems and pelvic organ prolapse.

  • Can childbirth lead to pelvic organ issues?

    Yes, especially multiple childbirths and complicated deliveries. However, we can help with expert treatment from our caring, professional team.

    Pelvic floor issues often worsen over time, so don’t put off seeking help. Contact us right away!