Women have varied health needs at different stages of their lives and maturity. The motherhood stage of a women’s life brings the need for both pre-natal and post-natal care. With the onset of age, health issues like incontinence occur. As such, women need effective healthcare solutions geared towards their unique challenges.

The Expert PhysioActive Approach

At PhysioActive, we have expert Women’s Health Physiotherapists who are dedicated to providing our female patients with outstanding professional care at every stage of their lives. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of Women’s Health conditions ranging from incontinence to pre-natal and post-natal care.

Let us help you with individualised care tailored to your unique needs as a woman.

*Women’s Health Services are currently only available in the East Coast Clinic*

Women’s Health Services

Pre-Natal Care

You and your baby share a body for about nine months. During this time, your body adapts as your baby progresses through different states of development. These changes bring about a number of problems for expectant mothers. Promote good health for both your baby and yourself by taking advantage of the pre-natal care offered at PhysioActive.

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Post-natal Care

Pregnancy and childbirth can put a massive amount of stress on your body. This can result in brief as well as chronic pain, swelling, fatigue, and deconditioning. Once you’ve delivered, it can be incredibly difficult to get back into shape on your own. Take good care of yourself and see to your health with post-natal care from PhysioActive.

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Incontinence is a personal and sensitive problem. It can have a major impact on your quality of life and cause you to avoid social situations, leading to a less active lifestyle. Often, incontinence results from weakening of the pelvic muscles. Patients lose voluntary control over their bowels and bladder. This may happen from surgery, due to aging, or from a number of other causes.

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Diastasis Recti (DRAM)

As a woman’s abdomen grows during pregnancy she often experiences Diastasis recti of the abdominal muscles (DRAM). This is a separation of the abdominal muscles along the line of connective tissue that runs down the centre of the abdomen. DRAM is often painful and may prevent you from engaging in regular exercise. The condition is very common – in fact, up to 60% of women suffer from some degree of DRAM.

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Pelvic Floor Issues

The pelvic floor is the collection of muscles, nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, and other organs in and around the pelvis. A strong, healthy pelvic floor is crucial for both bowel and bladder continence. However, surgery, aging, and other issues can lead to pelvic floor issues. These issues include loss of complete control over the bowels and/or bladder along with pelvic organ prolapse – the protrusion of the bladder and other organs into the vagina.

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Pelvic Girdle & Back Pain

Low back pain and pain from the pelvic girdle often go hand in hand, particularly for women. The pelvic girdle, consisting of the pelvis and hips, may radiate pain into the low back and vice-versa. All too often, the result is miserable pain, debility, and loss of quality of life. There are a myriad of causes for pelvic girdle and low back pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can men be affected by pelvic girdle pain?

    Absolutely. The condition is by no means limited to women.

  • What can aggravate pelvic girdle and back pain?

    Pregnancy, childbirth, poor posture, accidents, and aging can all worsen the condition.

  • Are there non-invasive options for addressing pelvic girdle and low back pain?

    Yes, PhysioActive provide a number of non-invasive treatment modalities for these type of pain.

  • I’ve previously had back surgery. Am I still a candidate for physiotherapy?

    Yes, we treat post-surgical patients all the time and help them get back to their active lifestyle.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with spinal arthritis. Can you help me?

    Yes, our expert staff is experienced with arthritis issues and we provide a number of effective therapies.

    Get your back and pelvic pain issues addressed with physiotherapy. Contact us now and get help!

Our Women’s Health Therapist

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