Telehealth has been gaining popularity across the world especially with the restraints COVID-19 brought on to 2020. Now that nations are getting locked down and activities in public heavily restricted, healthcare organisations are resorting to telehealth to provide for the needs of the public in advocation of staying home.

However, even with the uprising of telehealth / telerehab, there are still some reservations about the practice. To address your concerns, we have gathered a few answers to the 3 most common and important questions that you should ask your physio about telerehab.

“How are patients examined?”

Since telehealth works by providing healthcare services to the public via telecommunication technologies, it might be hard to comprehend how a patient or caller gets professionally diagnosed, let alone receive the professional care they need. In the telerehab service we provide, you will be guided through a series of questions targeted to identify your injury. This will be followed by a visual assessment of your body condition through some movement tests led via the video call. Through the various assessment methods, our physiotherapists will provide you with a better understanding of your condition through their professional diagnosis. You may be concerned that the quality of assessment will be compromised without a clear face-to-face consultation, but research has proven telerehab to be as effective as an in-person consultation!



“What can I expect from a telerehab session with you?”

In our online consultation session, you can expect the same service provided as a conventional consultation albeit virtually. This means that apart from being assessed and diagnosed you will be prescribed treatment online. After being examined, a personal recovery plan using a tailored exercise programme will be developed as treatment for your diagnosis. Much like in a non-virtual consultation, you will be thoroughly guided through each step of your recovery regime to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary treatment techniques for self-administration. In this sense, we will present you the technical support YOU need to get your own health back on tracks.

“What equipment will I need?”

With such a comprehensive service given, surely one must have a lot to prepare before a session? That is fortunately, false. You may need some space to allow your full body to be in view of the camera, but apart from that, the only other mandatory equipment is a device capable of hosting video calls (laptop/mobile phone) and a strong, stable internet connection. Some other equipment good to have with you are any available exercise equipment at home, such as dumbbells, or therabands. This is so that our physiotherapists can incorporate what is available around you, to aid in your recovery process. You may also want to dress appropriately in accordance to the site of your injury, e.g. wearing shorts for a knee related injury or sleeveless top for a shoulder injury etc.

In such a turbulent time as this, technology has opened a way to provide essential healthcare services and bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients in need without stepping out of the comforts of one’s home. Do not let your stay at home stop you from seeking the medical help you need.

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