Sabrina Pasir

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About Sabrina

Sabrina joined PhysioActive as a clinic receptionist in October 2014, and is currently head secretary of our Raffles clinic. Over the last 20 years, she’s gained great experience in the field of customer service and administrative duties. Prior to joining PhyioActive, Sabrina worked for many years in a busy orthopedic clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Sabrina has a great personality with a very pleasant appearance and excellent communication skills. She is very passionate about customer service and makes patients feel welcome at PhyioActive. Sabrina has also completed various courses in communication and relationship management. In her free time, Sabrina loves to listen to music.


Frank Baistrocchi

I need to thank the front desk staff for always being welcoming and efficient with my bookings. PhysioActive is a well run team!

Rikke Bach Sørensen
We are leaving Singapore this summer and will miss Gail Craig and the friendly, smiling receptionists Sabrina, Siti and Sri at PhysioActive Camden. Since my sixteen year old daughter had a back injury 2 years ago we have been seeing Gail on a weekly basis. Gail has been a fantastic support during the whole process. From my daughters initial conservative treatment through her back surgery and finally her ongoing rehabilitation. Throughout the process Gail has had a holistic approach to my daughters injury. Meaning that besides the normal physiotherapy Gail has helped my daughter understand her injury and come to terms with the fact that she probably won’t be able to do elite sports again and to overcome her fear of pain and new injuries. Gail has been focused on helping my daughter get her life back, not only fixing her back. And for that I’m forever grateful.
Patricia Campedelli
I came to PhysioActive with a herniated disc and I really appreciate how professional and caring, the team is. Special thanks to Sabrina, that always has a welcoming smile and to Padraig that has worked with me for three months, being always patient with my struggles and very competent and professional. Thanks to him, my quality of life was improved. I do recommend PhysioActive to all my friends and I will deeply miss you guys!
Barry Stones
I have been attending PhysioActive whilst in Singapore over the last couple of years following spinal surgery. Andrew at Camden has treated me in a most professional way with his expertise and encouragement throughout. The weekly boost to my confidence in dealing with my recovery has been critical. It is so easy to loose your way without professional assistance such as that offered through PhysioActive. Also, thank you to Sabrina and all the staff for being so pleasant and keeping my appointment schedule organised and the follow up reminders. Thanks so much!