Leah Kieffer MPT, B.Sc. (Hons)

Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Manual Therapist, Women's Health
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About Leah

From Canada, Leah graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. Her professional career began in Vancouver where she worked in orthopedics and post surgical rehab. During her time there, Leah joined a team of Physicians for Peace volunteering in Haiti to assist in the rehabilitation of amputees caused by the 2010 earthquake. Leaving Canada and moving to Malaysia, Leah led a team of physiotherapists at a prominent sports physiotherapy clinic in Kuala Lumpur until her eventual departure to Singapore in 2014. Before joining PhysioActive, she worked in Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital where she developed the musculoskeletal outpatient programme. Whilst working with the hospital, Leah attended training in Australia where she furthered her studies in the specialist treatment of pre and post-natal conditions. Throughout the course of her career, Leah has taken on the role of clinical instructor to students in Canada, Malaysia and Singapore, receiving awards for her quality of service and patient care. She is certified in Kinesiotaping, and specialises in women’s health, manual therapy, and sports. Outside the clinic, Leah’s passions are ice hockey, swimming, and exploring with her young daughter.


Rupinder Vohra

I came to see Leah when I was in excruciating pain and have lost all hope that I will start feeling any better by Physiotherapy. I had pain in my neck, shoulder blades and left arm. I had a slipped disc in C3-C4 and C5-C6. I am glad that I met Leah. She is very knowledgeable about her profession, listens to your symptoms, explains well what could be triggering the pain, and works on those areas to provide relief to your pain. Meeting her and going through my journey so far with her she has given me hope I will fully heal one day. I used to get the tingling in my thumb and finger which has pretty much gone under her guidance. My neck is much more mobile and much less stiffer now. I am very happy with my treatment with Leah.

Tan Song Yi (Student)
I came to PhysioActive because of slipped disc, which gave me severe back pain for several months. Leah explained my condition to me clearly, and gave me a clear overview of how we were going to deal with the back pain, and how I could help myself reduce the pain. Leah is very understanding and my back pain has reduced greatly ever since I started my Physiotherapy with Leah. Thank you so much for your help Leah!