Gail Craig, Grad Dip Phys, MCSP, HPC registered

Clinic Manager, Physiotherapist, Spinal Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist, Women’s Health
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About Gail

Gail, originally from Scotland, graduated from Grampian School of Physiotherapy (Aberdeen) in 1987. As well as being the Clinic Manager of all our busy clinics, Gail’s Physiotherapy expertise is in the treatment of all Spinal problems, Women’s Health conditions and chronic pain. Gail’s expertise has been achieved by extensive post-graduate training. She worked in a Specialist Spinal Service for over 15 years prior to moving to Singapore. Between January-June 2010, Gail was a member of the Expert Panel for Back Pain for the Scottish Government, helping to Develop Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Standards in Scotland. In 2011 Gail obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Advanced Physiotherapy from The University of Dundee. Gail has expert skills and experience in the treatment and management of all spinal conditions. She also has extensive expertise in treating chronic pain and helping her patients cope with this condition. Gail has completed specialist training in the UK to enable her to assess and treat all Women’s Health related conditions. She has extensive experience in treating back and pelvic girdle pain during and after pregnancy, separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti abdominus muscle DRAM), incontinence and pelvic prolapse. Gail is registered with the physiotherapy councils in both the UK and Singapore. Gail’s main aim is to help her patients gain control of their pain/condition and manage their symptoms in order to return to normal activities. In her spare time she enjoys running, keeping fit and spending time with her family.


Catherine Charbit
I've seen Gail for more than a year for a serious ankle problem and chronic pain. I'd seen 2 others physio in other places before her unsuccessfully, but Gail's experience and listening aptitude made the difference. She helped me to start walking again after several months and gave me a daily home programme of exercises to improve faster. She is absolutely great, very professional and has a great sense of humour ? Very highly recommended
‎Silvie Kaffenberger‎
I have been seeing Gail after my spine fusion and hip fusion. She could explain all pains, discomfort and what was happening with my body. The treatment was personalized from Gail. It works on me as magic! She knows the specific needs. I really can recommend her!

I started seeing Gail in PhysioActive after having my third baby. I had suffered pelvic floor prolapse after my second pregnancy and needed surgery. Unfortunately due to our posting at that time I could not avail of any physiotherapy. This time I wanted a different outcome and went for physio very early. Gail was really great. She listens, motivates and understands. I have been going for a number of months now and can honestly say that the results are unbelievable. I can now go out and about with confidence and have taken up sports again, without fear of leaking. I enjoy my sessions with Gail and would highly recommend anyone suffering from something similar to seek help. The results are worth whatever embarrassment you might feel and in truth Gail is a skilled practitioner who makes things are comfortable and private as possible.

Lars van den Bosch
Having a very long history of back problems and having seen quite a number of different Physiotherapists in the past years, I frankly speaking did not have huge hopes that it would really make a difference this time around. My experience at PhysioActive however was a different and a very positive one. Gail from PhysioActive helped me to overcome back issues I have already started to give up on believing that it could be cured. Following Gail’s advice was truly a good choice. I am even back jogging on a regular basis – something others told me I will not be able to do anymore.

I was recommended to see Gail at PhysioActive for my diastasis recti. Following two c-sections, two large babies and bad advice from a personal trainer at a large gym I thought my core muscles would never be fixed and I'd even considered surgery. Gail was a breath of fresh air - finally someone who was sympathetic, knowledgeable & confident that she could help me. I saw her weekly for about three months and experienced results beyond my expectations. My core is still a work in progress but I have total confidence in Gail helping me progress even further. I have recommended Gail to many girlfriends who suspect they are also suffering from diastasis recti. I only wish I'd seen her sooner.

Margaret Moody (Home Manager )
I have known Gail Craig for over three years now and I continue to put my care in her hands for the following reasons. She is very knowledgeable about the whole body and how it gets injured and starts to heal. She doesn’t just look at one part of your body, she looks at the balance of your body. I know that she is providing good information because it makes sense to me as a nurse. She provides clear exercises to strengthen my weak areas at home and follows up with emails and return demonstration. Most of all, she approaches her patient care with a very personal touch so that you feel that you are part of a team to get you back into better health rather than just a patient. She is the whole package for a physical therapist.
Leena Palekar (Teacher)
For the past 15 years, I suffered intense low back pain. Being averse to fancy pain killers, I always resorted to simple home remedies such as applying and massaging my back with different types of oils and ointments. While that provided some temporary relief, the pain did not vanish. Rather, it got more intense turning much needed restful nights into restless painful torturous moments. Soon, sleep deprivation and the ensuing pain began to interfere and affect my professional and social life. With a firm resolve to tackle this escalating pain, I started researching alternate remedies. Through an acquaintance, I got Gail Craig’s contact at PhysioActive and immediately contacted her. Her counselling carefully explored my pain history and she customized an appropriate therapy to treat my condition. Today, I no longer have the kind of excruciating lower back pain, which I suffered in the past. Every morning I do 4-5 different types of exercises prescribed by her, which takes 4-5 minutes to complete. Thanks to Gail, I can now sleep peacefully on my back and sides without any pain. So, low back pain can be treated with physiotherapy. Do not silently live with it. Instead, seek help and if in Singapore, do give Gail a call at PhysioActive. She is the best pain killer!
Gail has been a key part of my ability to avoid surgery and continue my normal routine living with chronic back issues. During difficult times, she remains positive, supportive while offering practical advice and relief. I always feel like Gail takes into account my specific physical needs at each session to tailor my treatment. Gail goes above and beyond in her client care sending additional information after the session.
Rikke Bach Sørensen
We are leaving Singapore this summer and will miss Gail Craig and the friendly, smiling receptionists Sabrina, Siti and Sri at PhysioActive Camden. Since my sixteen year old daughter had a back injury 2 years ago we have been seeing Gail on a weekly basis. Gail has been a fantastic support during the whole process. From my daughters initial conservative treatment through her back surgery and finally her ongoing rehabilitation. Throughout the process Gail has had a holistic approach to my daughters injury. Meaning that besides the normal physiotherapy Gail has helped my daughter understand her injury and come to terms with the fact that she probably won’t be able to do elite sports again and to overcome her fear of pain and new injuries. Gail has been focused on helping my daughter get her life back, not only fixing her back. And for that I’m forever grateful.
Isabel Kelly
Gail Craig provided treatment for me for a period of about a year for severe diastasis recti (DRAM) which I developed after delivery of my third baby.  I had been in considerable discomfort for months and had been very disheartened after a previous consultation, with another practitioner, who had given me little hope of any improvement without surgery.  My first appointment with Gail was so constructive and positive I felt much more confident that I could achieve results through physiotherapy.  After assessing my condition Gail set me a programme of exercises with realistic targets, guided me through each exercise to ensure I was doing it correctly, and taught me how I could prevent any further deterioration in my condition.  She was highly professional and skilled in treatment and teaching, while remaining very approachable, kind and empathetic to all my concerns.  At each subsequent appointment Gail would assess my progress and talk me through the new exercises I needed to do to continue the programme.  She was realistic and truthful in the results she promised and everything was entirely achievable.  I have now reduced my DRAM to a negligible size, I have restored complete function and tone in my core, and the dull ache I suffered for so many months has disappeared.  I have been able to resume all the activities I love without worrying about injuring myself.  I have recommended Gail to so many of my friends who have suffered similar issues and I just wish I had found her sooner!  Thanks Gail!
I'd like to thank Diana and Gail so much for their help the last week. After the 4th treatment yesterday, the milk started to flow much better and my breast became soft - almost back to normal and the milk comes out if I pump. I did go to a breast surgeon just to check as there is a tiny soft lump still. He checked and there is no abscess or blocked milk ducts. He’s not sure but he thinks it may be some residual inflamed tissue that should go away. In any case, there is nothing to worry about. I’m so grateful for their help and also so disappointed that doctors and midwives do not know that ultrasound helps so much!