Diana Mecklenburg B.Sc.

Clinic Manager, Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Manual Therapist, Women's Health
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About Diana

Diana, originally from the Netherlands, graduated from the Hoge School van Utrecht (Netherlands) in 1998. Before coming to Singapore in 2008 she was a Senior Physiotherapist in one of the leading sports clinics in Switzerland. Diana was responsible for (semi-) professional tennis-/ football players and runners and has therefore gained vast experience in treating sport injuries. Besides this she also specialized in spinal related problems and had a leading role in the management of acute and chronic neck- and back patients. Over the recent years Diana began her specialization in women’s health physiotherapy and has since then successfully treated many women with incontinence and pre- and postnatal health problems. Diana is fluent in Dutch, English and German. In her spare time she likes to run, read a book and spend time with her family and friends.


Susan Huray
My husband suffered from frozen shoulder for 6 months. Despite visiting two orthopedics and three recommended Physio therapists, his condition remained unchanged. After he was treated by Diana of PhysioActive for 3 months, he is now 95% recovered. We strongly recommend Diana and her team. They are professional, friendly and know their stuff well.
Martin Hang
I want to thank my physiotherapist Diana for taking great care of me following my ankle surgery in August 2015. She was professional, encouraging, helpful and cheerful, making it easier for me to recover quickly. Thank you!
Mavis McAllister
I have had chronic muscle pain for years. This has resulted in muscles which are constantly messed up, and don't function properly. Over the past 20 years, I have tried to exercise and gone to physios to help regain muscle usage. Not one physio was able to help me gain any progress. But Diana listened to my history and made her own assessment of my muscles and voila! she created and explained a strategy that works for my muscles, and has patiently explained each step of the way, and each new exercise to me. For the first time in my life I am actually making progress, learning to use each muscle properly, starting with micro exercises which produce results I can actually see. Thank you Diana, for making this breakthrough possible -- you are simply amazing!
Divya Deepak (Housewife)
My life got a lot better after you taught me those exercises for my postnatal back pain. I feel absolutely great now. I am able to give my best as a mother to my baby boy. I wanted to write to you just to tell you how you changed my life. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for your accurate treatment.
Rebecca Radley (Copywriter)
The pre-natal sessions at PhysioActive were exactly what I needed to feel more confident and informed about approaching birth. The advice and exercises helped tremendously and made a great difference to the pain and pushing during birth. I know because I was only with PhysioActive for my second child. I wish I knew about them sooner – the guidance and support were invaluable!
Moritz Wolf (Student)
I like going to PhysioActive, because the therapists are always very confident that they can help their patients. Even though Diana is sometimes very tough on me with the exercises, I feel better after the treatment. Also, the staff members at the reception are very friendly and always creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. They are always helpful with making new appointments and trying to accommodate our preferred time slots.
Tracy Lim (Director)
I attended PhysioActive following a cervical neck surgery in July 2017 and was introduced to my physiotherapist Diana Mecklenburg by my doctor. She is professional, highly knowledgeable and passionate about her patient's recovery and progress. I want to thank her for the fast recovery and the confidence to play golf again!
Ng Teck Fang
I first discovered PhysioActive via their website for treatment of my Diastasis Recti and decided to give it a try after reading convincing testimonies from their clients. After the first session with my physiotherapist, Diana, I was assured that she will be able to help me throughout this treatment journey. Diana is friendly, knowledgeable and able to articulate well for my understanding of my problem and how each exercise will help to treat it. I am halfway through my treatment and I’m already seeing results. I am now more determined to continue the treatment. Thank you, Diana and team in Jurong Branch
Steffen Büchs
I reached out to PhysioActive after suffering from a slipped disc in the lower back. Due to time constraints from my side, I had the opportunity to get help from 4 different physiotherapists at PhysioActive. All had a high level of knowledge and really took the time to investigate and prepare the treatment according to my needs. They taught me how to train the right muscles of my body and even more important to sharpen body awareness and how to avoid wrong movements. After 3 months of treatment, I was free of pain and after 5 months of treatment I am glad to say, I am almost back to normal. All without surgery or injections. Special thanks to Liam, Anthony, Denis and Diana.
I'd like to thank Diana and Gail so much for their help the last week. After the 4th treatment yesterday, the milk started to flow much better and my breast became soft - almost back to normal and the milk comes out if I pump. I did go to a breast surgeon just to check as there is a tiny soft lump still. He checked and there is no abscess or blocked milk ducts. He’s not sure but he thinks it may be some residual inflamed tissue that should go away. In any case, there is nothing to worry about. I’m so grateful for their help and also so disappointed that doctors and midwives do not know that ultrasound helps so much!
Wu Su Yuan
Would highly recommend PhysioActive! Just completed my physio sessions with Diana Mecklenburg @ Novena and she’s fantastic! She essentially helped solve my issues with imbalances and shoulder pain which has been chronic for many years. She doesn’t hold back on addressing the root of my issues. Because of that, it allowed me to very quickly learn how to load different muscle groups properly, making me a better athlete as a whole. Thank you!