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Footwear Assessment and Advice

Incontinence/Footwear Assessment and Advice

Casual and work shoes can play a quiet but staggering role in lower limb problems. Sport shoes need to provide appropriate support, grip, stability and cushioning for you against the ground, as well as be appropriate for your sport and your biomechanics. Muscle function is altered (some muscles over or under work) to allow your foot to hold a poor shoe on, or give you stability in a high heel. Our Podiatrist is an expert in assessing your footwear and giving advice for the right shoe to wear. Please bring your casual and work shoes, as well as your sports shoes to your first consultation.

Video gait analysis is used to assess your gait pattern and lower limb alignment during walking and running gait. It gives you an opportunity to inspect and understand your own lower limb biomechanics and the role of correct footwear and/or orthotics.

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