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Why Choose Us?

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Personal Training

Incontinence/Personal Training

Physiotherapy meets Personal training!

If you’re looking for Personal trainers in Singapore with the expertise in exercise physiology and human anatomy, then we can help you. All our personal trainers are certified Physiotherapists.

We will tailor a challenging exercise program that caters to your individual needs. Your Physiotherapist knows the human body and has the scientific and clinical knowledge to ensure your workout is both safe and at your personal fitness level. Not quantity, but quality is for us the key to a successful workout program.

Personal training with us keeps you safe from overload injuries!

Key features of our training:

At PhysioActive we have the latest equipment from Technogym. The usage of the gym before and after the session for independent training is free of charge. A Physiotherapist will always be around and can be asked for help if necessary.

Our multidisciplinary team offers many other services such as:

Personal training with PhysioActive is the safe and expert way to achieve your physical health goals.

From: S$130

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