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Corporate Ergonomic Programme

Corporate Ergonomic Programme

It is a known fact that musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain account for a high proportion of prolonged absences from work. As an employer, staff absence cannot be ignored; absenteeism has a direct impact upon staff welfare and overall business productivity.

For this reason, investing in a corporate ergonomic programme can offer a huge range of benefits to your organisation. This includes improving workplace comfort for desk-based employees, minimising the future risk of injury and managing existing conditions effectively. All of which serve to reduce absence and improve productivity, contributing towards greater profitability for your business.

Key corporate ergonomics benefits summary:

With this in mind, PhysioActive are pleased to offer a variety of services to advise and treat your employees. All of which can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your company and workforce.

Our qualified ergonomic physiotherapist can provide the following:

  1. Physiotherapist Ergonomic Assessments 1:1

    This is a detailed one on one workstation assessment for an employee, allowing us to fully assess their individual desk and computer set-up. An ergonomic assessment is most suitable for employees with musculoskeletal problems especially those with hand, arm, shoulder, neck, thoracic and lower back pain.

    Service summary:

    • Individual assessment of workstation
    • Suitable for those suffering from headaches, hand, arm, shoulder, neck, thoracic and lower back pain whilst at work
    • Recommended as part of post spinal and shoulder surgery
    • Beneficial for smaller or taller individuals
    • Desk height measured and layout reviewed
    • Chair assessed for the individual and adjusted fully
    • Screen/Keyboard/Mouse/Phone use assessed
    • If a laptop is used, advice and recommendations will be given
    • Exercises taught and advice given about breaks
    • Adjustments made on-site for immediate benefit
    • Report of findings
    • Cost-effective recommendations


    Individual assessment: $325

    Group assessments:

    $400 for 2 hours
    $600 for 3 hours
    $800 for 4 hours

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  2. In-house Physiotherapy Sessions

    A physiotherapist can visit your office on a monthly basis, ideal as an employee benefit. Your employees can sign up for one to one assessments, advice and exercises from an experienced physiotherapist. We can treat employees with a wide range of problems such as sports injuries, work related postural and pain problems, back and neck pain.

    Please note that this is not suitable for employees with musculoskeletal problems, as they will require a more complex personal assessment.

    Price: $400 for 2 hours or $600 for 3 hours – get in touch and book today!

  3. Ergonomic Workshops

    An ergonomic workshop consists of a two-hour presentation to a group of employees. Small groups can be taught the correct workstation set-up, work technique and simple exercises. The physiotherapist will demonstrate correct chair, screen, keyboard, and phone positioning. Employees will also learn more about the body and the risks associated with prolonged sitting at work.

    Service summary:

    • Suitable for groups of employees
    • Basic theories of back and neck pain
    • Health risks explained
    • Correct workstation set-up
    • Chair and screen set-up taught
    • Correct use of Keyboard/Mouse/Phone/Paperwork/ Laptop explained
    • Demonstration of exercises
    • Breaks/work style
    • Hand-outs consolidating information taught
    • Practical demonstration
    • Self-assessment

    Price: $1,250 – get in touch and book today!

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits that corporate ergonomics can bring to your workforce, or you’d like to book a session, please get in touch with us today.

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