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Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Pain & Injury Treatment

Human Anatomy

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and hence very prone to injuries. Shoulder pain is very common, but is most often felt on the outside of the upper arm rather than in the joint itself. In most cases the pain develops gradually over a long time without any known reason to the patient. In the beginning lifting the arm feels uncomfortable, but after a while it turns into a sharp pain. At later stages the pain might even be constant during day and night and can radiate in severe cases into the forearm and hand. In those cases the joint has stiffened already significantly and daily activities are severely impaired. Repetitive movements with poor posture and muscular weakness are usually the cause of the problem and lead to inflammation of the rotator cuff (muscles surrounding the shoulder) or bursa (protective fat pad).

Traumatic injuries usually occur after bike accidents or falls onto the shoulder. In these cases the tendons might be ruptured or a bone fractured. These conditions may require surgery and rehabilitation afterwards.

Common Shoulder Injuries:

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