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Post-Surgical Care

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Our Physiotherapists are experts in treating patients after surgery. We provide a personal tailored rehab program to help you to get back to your daily activities and sport as soon as possible. Common surgical procedures we treat are:

To have an optimal recovery the rehabilitation process will be divided into three stages:

Acute stage:

In this stage we aim to reduce inflammatory signs like pain and swelling by applying modalities such as massage, Electrotherapy/Ultrasound and cryotherapy (cold packs). In order to prevent joint stiffness and to improve muscle function and coordination the therapist will also start with gentle active and passive exercises.

Early rehab:

During the second stage we will put emphasis on more active exercises to optimize your mobility and strength. The exercises will continuously be adjusted to your present level of activity.

Functional rehab:

In the last stage the therapist will focus on functional exercises to finish the process on getting back to daily activities and sports. Strong emphasis will further be put on education of body mechanics and posture to prevent any possible problems in the future.

During the whole treatment process you will be given a personalized home exercise program to support the recovery process!

We also provide home visits for patients who need guidance with pool-exercises and gym work.

From: S$100

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