• Samantha
    Not long after I became pregnant with my son, I started having problems with my pelvis and hips. After a couple of years and having seen five physios in three countries, I started to accept it would always hurt. Fortunately, I found Tamara after moving to Singapore. She is an exceptional physiotherapist who not only resolved my pain but helped me establish the right network of people to support me, make lasting change, and prevent the pain reoccurring.

Pelvic Girdle & Back Pain

Lower back pain and pain from the pelvic girdle often go hand in hand, particularly for women. The pelvic girdle, consisting of the pelvis and hips, may radiate pain into the low back and vice-versa. This can sometimes trigger muscle spasms around the abdominal muscles. All too often, the result is miserable pain, debility, and loss of quality of life.

There are a myriad of causes for pelvic girdle and low back pain. These include surgery, spinal issues like disc collapse and scoliosis, injuries, and gait disorders. Whatever the cause of your pain, PhysioActive is able to provide expert and effective care from our international treatment team.

The PhysioActive Solution

We offer a number of therapy modalities customised to your unique situation and needs. Among these are exercise therapy, physiotherapy, thermal therapy with heat and cold, ultrasound therapy, and shockwave therapy. Sometimes, muscle relaxants can be used for pain management to help you find relief. Our goal is to break the cycle of pain from your pelvic girdle and lower back, thus improving your quality of life and returning you to an active, healthy lifestyle.

*Women’s Health Services are currently only available in the East Coast Clinic*

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can men be affected by pelvic girdle pain?

    Absolutely. The condition is by no means limited to women.

  • What can aggravate pelvic girdle and back pain?

    Pregnancy, childbirth, poor posture, accidents, and aging can all worsen the condition.

  • Are there non-invasive options for addressing pelvic girdle and low back pain?

    Yes, PhysioActive provide a number of non-invasive treatment modalities for these type of pain.

  • I’ve previously had back surgery. Am I still a candidate for physiotherapy?

    Yes, we treat post-surgical patients all the time and help them get back to their active lifestyle.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with spinal arthritis. Can you help me?

    Yes, our expert staff is experienced with arthritis issues and we provide a number of effective therapies.

    Get your back and pelvic pain issues addressed with physiotherapy. Contact us now and get help!