Corporate Health & Ergonomics

Your business should run like a well-oiled machine. However, there are hidden dangers in any office. Poor posture and repetitive movements can lead to back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other strains and sprains among your workforce.

As a result, you lose time and money from increased employee absenteeism and decreased productivity. Furthermore, it will be harder to retain these employees.

The Expert PhysioActive Approach

Show your workers that you truly care by utilising PhysioActive’s corporate health programmes. We’ll evaluate your workplace and/or individual employee workstations for optimal ergonomics and a healthy environment. Our expert corporate physiotherapists will provide advice and solutions to help get your workforce healthy. In turn, you’ll benefit from happier employees, fewer absentees and increased productivity!

We offer several customised packages for your convenience:

1. One-on-One Ergonomic Assessments by Corporate Ergonomic Physiotherapists
This is an individual assessment of one employee’s work area, allowing our highly-trained and experienced physiotherapists to offer their expert advice and recommendations. This package is ideal for employees with chronic issues or injuries.

Individual assessment: $325
$400 for 2 hours
$600 for 3 hours
$800 for 4 hours

2. In-house Physiotherapy Sessions
For your healthy employees, our physiotherapists can visit your office to provide professional advice and exercise instruction every month. This is a great way of showing concern for your employees and helping to prevent injuries.

Price: $400 for 2 hours or $600 for 3 hours

3. Ergonomic Workshops
Our ergonomic workshops are a superb method of reaching small groups of employees. Our professional physiotherapists will demonstrate good posture, helpful exercises, and proper workstation setup to avoid injuries.

Price: $1,250

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My company is large – can you work with all of my employees?

    Yes, although several workshops may be required to reach all of your employees.

  • I have an employee with a serious medical condition – can you still work with them?

    We can provide one-on-one assessment and training for employees with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Some severe conditions will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Who is on your corporate ergonomics team?

    Our team is an international group of experts, all well-trained professionals who are experienced in all facets of corporate physiotherapy and ergonomics.

  • Are your physiotherapists experienced with corporate ergonomics?

    Yes! Our ergonomic physiotherapists are trained and experienced with corporate ergonomics
    and biomechanics.

  • My employees spend most of their day sitting in an office – how can they benefit from this programme?

    Employees who are mostly sedentary are at high risk of repetitive motion and ergonomic injuries from improper chair, mouse, and keyboard set up. Our workshops can help prevent these injuries.

    Remember, your employees’ health is vital to your company’s health. Don’t delay, contact us to learn more or book an appointment right now!

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