While Singapore has gone into a “Circuit Breaker” mode, our bodily aches and pains should not be neglected.

At PhysioActive, we have started to offer telehealth services aka. online consultations so that our patients can receive continued care in the safety and comforts of their homes. If you would like to benefit from Physiotherapy without exposing yourself to the possible community spread outdoors, read on.

Why Online Physiotherapy Consultation?

Online Physiotherapy consultation may sound new to you but it has been adopted worldwide and is evidence-based. It has also been proven to be as effective, if not better, than an in-person appointment!

More so, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, you can be sure that throughout the session, there will be 0% physical contact between you and the physiotherapist. This allows you to seek the professional help you need with an added peace of mind.

We hope that through this service, we can empower YOU to take the reins of your body and make the necessary adjustments through our expert guidance for a healthier you.

Most of the assessment and treatment for your condition would be much like a face-to-face consultation. The diagnostic procedure and issuing of treatment would be conducted in a similar fashion as a non-virtual consultation, and you will leave the session will the necessary knowledge to improve your condition.

While it may be socially responsible and smart to stay home in times like these, there is no reason for you to suffer in pain alone. If you do need Physiotherapy to get a better look at your health and are concerned about leaving your home, an online consultation can be just as effective as a conventional one.

How does Online Consultation work?

In the session, your physiotherapists can assess, diagnose and prescribe treatments to you online. You will firstly be guided through a series of questions pertaining to your injury / condition. After which, our physiotherapists will lead you through some tests and movements to diagnose your injury / condition. From there, a personalised recovery plan will be developed using a tailored exercise program. Through the online consultation, you will be equipped with essential self-management and treatment techniques that you can carry out on your own.

Tips to prepare for your online consultation

  1. The Set-Up. Ensure that your laptop/mobile device has a strong internet connection and is hands-free with the camera and microphone turned on.
  1. Make Room. Make sure you have enough space to step away from the camera so that your whole body is in view for the physiotherapist to see.
  1. Wear Sports Attire. This can make it easier for the physiotherapist to assess specific injuries (e.g. wear shorts for a knee injury, wear sleeveless top for a shoulder injury)
  1. Prepare Exercise Equipment. Please have any exercise equipment you have at home readily accessible. This can be a theraband or light dumbbells.

If you’re wondering how an online consultation works, let us show you for FREE! Contact us and we”ll hop on a 10 minute demo for you to see the benefits we can provide. If you like it, we can book an appointment for you and start getting you back in shape!

Valid till 31 May 2020 only.

Interested in getting an online physiotherapy consultation or a FREE demo?

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