Things are changing.

The situation in the world right now is changing the way we work, the way we commute, and the way we used do the littlest things in our lives. What we used to do easily and take for granted may no longer be as easily available now. The past month has definitely taken its toll on the world, and on us as well both physically and mentally.

Perhaps you have used to put off having a regular exercise regime by telling yourself that your frequent travels and living out of a suitcase do not give you the time to exercise. Perhaps you have had a new year’s resolution at the beginning of this year to have your low back pain finally looked at by a professional. Perhaps you have told yourself that this is the year to get back into shape after having your new-born two years ago, but you are concerned that your unstable ankle might start hurting if you do anything more intense than a walk in the park.

With the global pandemic happening at the moment, there is no better time than now to slow down and be in touch with what your body has been telling you. That discomfort in your neck after working at your computer for an hour, that ache in your ankle when you go out of a walk with your loved one, or that sting in your shoulder which stops you from lifting your two-year-old up into the air. These are the ways your body tried to inform you that something is not as good as it can be, but should it stop there?

Why let these limit how you want to lead your life? A professional physiotherapy assessment can help you to understand how your body wants to move, and what you can do, and should do to improve and maintain your physical health and fitness independently at home. This is also a time when fitness locations and group classes may not be available. A well-tailored and personalised exercise programme can not only help you be pain-free when you move, but also feel stronger, stand taller, and go further.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Perhaps now is the time to put your health above everything else, and seek to go for that slow jog with your loved one, all while taking in the fresh air, leaving behind the constraint of the four walls that forms your workspace, all without worrying about your ankle any more.

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