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Why Choose Us?

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About PhysioActive

PhysioActive Team

PhysioActive was established in Singapore in 2006 with the goal to provide high quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. At the moment we are working with an international team from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, Brazil and Singapore. All our therapists are highly educated and have many post-graduate degrees and certificates such as manual therapy, sports therapy, sports massage, exercise therapy, neurological therapy, dry needling and footreflexology.

A correct initial diagnosis and management of your injury are in our opinion the key factors for an optimal recovery. Our goal is to resolve your pain and to maximize your level of daily activities, work and sports as soon as possible. After carefully assessing the source of your pain, our experienced physiotherapists will tailor a specific treatment plan according to your personal needs for immediate pain relief and fast recovery. You will always receive easy-to-understand information about the cause of your problem and the treatment plan. Next to the physiotherapy treatments we will provide a home exercise program and teach you on how to prevent reoccurrence to optimize the therapy.

Why choose us?

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We are convinced that our active approach, the large variety of professional skills and the friendly atmosphere at PhysioActive will provide you with an ideal environment to recover from your injury!

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