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Why Choose Us?

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PhysioActiveOur international multidisciplinary team provides the highest standards in Physiotherapy, Sports Massage and Podiatry. We provide longer treatment time to ensure you get the optimal care to speed up your recovery. We believe in long term solutions to keep you fit and healthy!

Our unique facilities with state of the art equipment and a gym will provide you with innovative treatments for your rehabilitation and sports injury. We are convinced that our large variety of professional skills and the friendly atmosphere at PhysioActive will provide you with an ideal environment to recover from your injury!

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I had a shoulder injury for many years and even surgery didn’t seem to help. I was recommended to Denis for physiotherapy treatment and within 3 months, he solved my problem completely. His diagnosis was spot-on and his treatment was highly effective. Denis is an extremely competent physiotherapist and I have no hesitation in recommending him to my colleagues and friends. They, too, have benefited immensely from his treatment.
C.T. Seah
Group Director, Corporate Services
I attended PhysioActive following a knee surgery 12 weeks ago and was introduced to my physiotherapist Fran McKirdy. I have during this time undergone a 2nd operation as the knee was not healing. This was picked up at an early stage by Fran. Since the 2nd surgery my progress has improved considerably. Fran is professional, highly knowledgeable and genuinely interested in her work. I owe a huge thank you to her personally as my progress continues under her expert guidance.
Katy Davies
After my ACL reconstruction my doctor sent me to PhysioActive for my knee rehabilitation. Thanks to them I have fully recovered and I’m able to play football again. Thanks again for your great help!!!
Dr. Sascha Heussler
Scientist at NUS
I visited PhysioActive because of knee problems, which were holding me back from playing football for several months. I absolutely loved the clear diagnosis and explanation provided by the therapist, as it helped me to understand how I could contribute myself to ensure the pain reduces. The therapist helped me to develop a dedicated muscle training program, based on which I was able to go back to play football regularly only a few weeks after I had visited PhysioActive.
Joerg Kuehn
Supply Chain Manager
Having a very long history of back problems and having seen quite a number of different Physiotherapists in the past years, I frankly speaking did not have huge hopes that it would really make a difference this time around. My experience at PhysioActive however was a different and a very positive one. Gail from PhysioActive helped me to overcome back issues I have already started to give up on believing that it could be cured. Following Gail’s advice was truly a good choice. I am even back jogging on a regular basis – something others told me I will not be able to do anymore.
Lars van den Bosch

Begin of 2013 I was diagnosed with a partial thickness rotator cuff tear and subacromial inpingement syndrom. As a consequence I underwent surgery of my right shoulder. As physiotherapy plays a key role after the procedure and during the recovery phase, the company Physioactive Pte. Ltd. was recommended to me by my surgeon.

Over the course of four months of treatment I got acquainted of the thorough and professional manners of the Physioactive team. The treatment received and the recommended exercises at home plus follow ups were exemplary and I have no doubt that this regime significantly aided in my full and complete recovery.

Having said that, the physiotherapy treatment does not go alone, it needs to be accompanied by constancy and discipline when doing the exercises at home or else. I greatly appreciate that Denis was quite straight forward on making me understand this approach, not only showing a firm, while gently, attitude but as well encouraging me to take control of my own recovery. Many thanks for this, I really appreciate it.

Manuel Flores
Bayer Healthcare, Asia Pacific Regional Compliance Director
I am truly satisfied with the high level of experience and professionalism of the whole team at PhysioActive Pte Ltd. They helped me to recover from injuries I sustained after being hit by a truck whilst cycling. I fractured 5 vertebrae in my spine, my shoulder and 4 ribs. Diana, Colin and Alexander played a major role in my recovery. A big thank to everyone and in particular to Diana for ensuring that I worked very hard on my spine and who played a major role in my spine recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending PhysioActive to anyone.
Richard Vanderput

Thank you for your professional discernment and diligence that led to the rapid restoration to full functionality and flexibility of my otherwise badly "frozen" shoulder. If not for your precise and effective therapy, I would have needed surgery!

On my last visit to Denis on 10 August 2010, the words you said "Ronald, there is no need for you to come anymore" sounded like the most soothing music to my ears! I remember I started my first session with him only as recent as April 2010 on the recommendation of a colleague who was also successfully treated by him. This was after I was not making any progress under another physiotherapist. My quality of life was dismal as I experienced excruciating pain.

Denis exercised great professionalism by firstly very carefully ascertaining exactly the cause and extent of my problem. And what I appreciated greatly was that he took pains to explain to me clearly in simple language and with the aid of the models. He then also gave me an idea of how he would go about treating my condition, the expected time to recovery and most importantly, getting myself to be responsible in doing the therapy exercises at home in partnership with him. Denis leaves no doubt in his patient that he knows what he is doing and that gave a great sense of comfort and assurance to the patient that he is in good hands. I could already feel the change for the better after the 2nd session and that motivated me to persevere with the therapy both with him and on my own.

Thank you Denis for helping me regain my quality of life. I commend you for your superior professionalism, thoroughness, care and attentiveness to the patient and his condition.

Ronald Tan
Thank you! Edson was fantastic and Saskia's neck is much better.
Joanna Aarvold

Dear Li Feng,

I would like to thank you for your treatment and advice on my back and neck problems. After few sessions with you and now more than a month of practicing your suggestions the problems seem to be gone. It took few weeks for the back muscles to re-adjust to my new sitting posture but it now feels very relaxing and I don’t wake up with pain in the night.

So once again many thanks for your help!

 Michal Samek
I started seeing Gail in PhysioActive after having my third baby. I had suffered pelvic floor prolapse after my second pregnancy and needed surgery. Unfortunately due to our posting at that time I could not avail of any physiotherapy. This time I wanted a different outcome and went for physio very early. Gail was really great. She listens, motivates and understands. I have been going for a number of months now and can honestly say that the results are unbelievable. I can now go out and about with confidence and have taken up sports again, without fear of leaking. I enjoy my sessions with Gail and would highly recommend anyone suffering from something similar to seek help. The results are worth whatever embarrassment you might feel and in truth Gail is a skilled practitioner who makes things are comfortable and private as possible. 

I came to Physioactive to work on my Diastasis Recti, a condition I developed during my pregnancy and with which I needed help resolving after giving birth. I was very confused as to which approach would be better to rectify the Diastasis. When I did my own research I found conflicting views as to how to go about my rehabilitation, the two conflicting approaches being a traditional one and a more recent view which seemed to be gaining ground. The latter focused on strengthening the TVA rather than doing crunches or obliques. I personally felt more comfortable with strengthening my TVA. When I first met with Gail, I immediately felt I was in good hands as she patiently explained all options with me, but was in favor with the new approach. Together we worked on an 18 week program which gradually brought me through definite improvements towards my goals. I reduced my gap from 4 fingers to less than one by working with her.

Gail is highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who is passionate about her work. I would highly recommend her to whomever is looking for support with Women's Health Issues.

Mary Jo Pokorski

My life got a lot better after you taught me those exercises for my postnatal back pain. I feel absolutely great now. I am able to give my best as a mother to my baby boy. I wanted to write to you just to tell you how you changed my life. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for your accurate treatment.

Divya Deepak

In France, prolapse post pregnancy is a main concern and every woman is strongly enticed to go through "physiotherapist sessions" in order to get her body back in shape before practicing any exercise. In Singapore, it does not seem to be common practice so after my 1st pregnancy, I must admit I was a bit lazy and didn’t go through a proper program. However, after my 2nd pregnancy, my 2 boys are 18 months apart, I began to feel some pain in my back and my bottom, not a real prolapse but just enough to be felt and a bit inconvenient in everyday life. Obviously, I was carrying my eldest and living in a house, keeping on going up and down the stairs; meaning living a normal life. That is when I decided to go and see Gail Craig, and it did help me a lot. What I like most is that she understands all life constraints, and does not give any exercise which would be too difficult to stick in your busy schedule but really suggest realistic things to do so that you can get better. Above all, she is a very caring and approachable person you can talk to which is a great support in these times where you can't always share all intimate details with anybody else.

Vietnamese French Woman, 37

I was recommended to see Gail at PhysioActive for my diastasis recti. Following two c-sections, two large babies and bad advice from a personal trainer at a large gym I thought my core muscles would never be fixed and I'd even considered surgery. Gail was a breath of fresh air - finally someone who was sympathetic, knowledgeable & confident that she could help me. I saw her weekly for about three months and experienced results beyond my expectations. My core is still a work in progress but I have total confidence in Gail helping me progress even further. I have recommended Gail to many girlfriends who suspect they are also suffering from diastasis recti. I only wish I'd seen her sooner.


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